Post emo stuff on Facebook

Tuesday I had melt down over job applications and exposed on social media. I text my friends that I hated myself and I’m stupid. Just word vomit on Facebook and did had a people reach out and gave positive feed back.

I’m mad at myself, I just dump baggage on social media and my friends. I don’t text people saying “ I hate myself” or rant how much my life on social media. I’m okay feeling sad and dealing with emotions. But I want handle more positive way and not be much as mental case. I just tire these mental meltdowns.

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Yeah it can be /really/ tough to feel like your feelings are valid but the way you’re handling them makes you feel worse afterwards. It’s hard to learn a new way to deal with things.

You’re definitely not crazy for doing things the way you’ve been doing them. Vomiting to others often turns into affirmation. It makes you feel better for the moment. But later on it makes you feel worse. The challenge is that in the moment, you don’t actually see or care about how it makes you feel later, you just want to change how you’re feeling /right now/.

What’s an alternative path you /could/ take when you feel those emotions? How would you /like/ to see yourself respond?