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I am realizing now that I have to be careful what I share on this website about my personal life. If I want to be more open and personal I’ll have to do it under a different username.

I have a family member that stalks me on the internet and then starts messaging people they see me interacting with and following them. I didn’t even think about the fact that these posts would pull up on google if someone searched my name.

Sure enough it was brought to my attention that these posts are coming up. So I’m “deleting” what I previously typed.

So I’ll be limiting what I share on here on this account when creating topics.

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@anon17277947 ,
hi there friend, im so sorry this has happened and what happened wasnt okay . i know it sucks to know what have happened but life goes on it’ll be hard to forgive some but easy to forgive others. some may love one way and some may love the other way. Some people may not know how to love others but some do. I bet if they were to apoologize now they would still try to love you even though its hard for them, Even though you were abused (which isn’t okay) i bet they still loved you for you . Im always here to listen and give advice. You’re not alone .

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Koyangi, you are such a great person! I still remember seeing you in Dan’s stream for the first time. I remember gifting you a sub, my first one, cuz I knew you were just an awesome person to have in the community, and was drawn by you. I’m sure this gets old, but I’m so sorry this happened to you. I forgot where it was, but I remember hearing someone talk about a time when every family had that “one” uncle. I think prior to like the 80’s, I guess maybe even the 90’s, there seemed to be a sort of hush hush mindset when it came to abuse within the family. I think people just tried to brush it off because it was sort of an embarrassment, like you mentioned. I’m just sorry you had to go through that, having nobody believe you, or want to.
I just want to thank you for being brave enough to post this though. I know there are plenty other members in the community who have gone through this. I know they will read this and realize they have someone to confide in. I always see you on here, and replying to so many people’s posts. I think you are such an amazing woman, for having gone what you went through, and still being able to come out and give the encouragement that you do!
No family member should ever make another feel unsafe. That’s what I love about this community, I feel so taken care of by everyone. I know we can’t change the past, but I hope you feel safe now when you’re with us. I am so proud of you, and honored to call you a friend. If you’re ever feeling horrible or just need someone to talk to, you are always welcome to hit me up. Much love to you friend, and thanks again for being so brave!

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im so sorry your family did that, we will be your family ,
love you friend hold fast!

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Thanks, Hold!

You have been such a great friend since the beginning. I remember that gift sub! As well as you sending me one of Dan’s flowers from the gala along side a really sweet note! You said that everyone had a personal note at the gala so you wanted me to have one too. I still appreciate you taking the time to do that.

Anymore I feel like a lot of the triggering feelings I get from my Grandfathers birthday and the month of May is more centered around the way the rest of the family made me feel when I told them about him. I feel like as a whole that over the years I’ve better come to terms with him personally but I’m still even all of these years later still struggling with the hurt of the rest of the family and the disbelief that they are so willing to be how they are towards me and actually live with themselves.

And some days I fall into a bit of a pity party. I think a lot of us do that on accident. You know, at night when things are quiet and there’s nobody to talk to and nothing to do. On rainy days when it’s more quiet, dark and glum. I think we all fall prisoner of our minds sometimes on those kinda of days and times where it’s so quiet and easy for our minds to spin.

This community has been, like you said, a family all on its own. I know a lot of people have a lot of hurts and that there are a lot of people who create their own family in their friends and the people they meet through out life. Family certainly does not have to be blood.

I appreciate you. :heart:

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Thanks, Ashley! You are kind, loving and a supportive friend! I’m glad that we have had the chance to meet. And I hope you know, that sentiment is mutual. If you ever need a friend or an ear, I’m always here. Even if I can’t solve your struggle, I’ll at least always be here to tell you how loved and valued you are and to be a support.

i really like your story and i can feel that is was really hard for you. but telling people not to give up and want to help other peoples it is great. I really wish for you that you will get through that .

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Thanks friend. I appreciate you.