Power Of Prayer

Lord, thank you! Thank you for this community! Thank you for all that you are doing in this…I know that YOU know Lord, that we’re ALL struggling with something, and the battle against these storms are definitely real. I know depression tells me things that aren’t true, depression says “God isn’t with you, your worthless, you have no meaning to life you hypocrite, your ugly, you have no purpose, you should just die, just cut yourself and give in, your alone.” God, I REBUKE the lies of the enemy, and I pray that we would take those thoughts that aren’t of you into captivity, and fill our minds with the things that are true, noble, pure, just, and lovely! I pray that as hard as things are, and as hard as they get, I PRAY and DECLARE that we would persevere and know that the fight and struggles are worth it, if it means that in the end of the race, we would be with you forever in eternity, where you will be with us and you would hold us and say “it’s all over, no more pain, no more suffering, your with me forever, look into my eyes and know that your in the arms of your savior.”…Lord I pray that we would help one another, and encourage one another when days are harder than others. I THANK you Lord, for these trials, FOR they ONLY bless us, with good benefits, they help create strength, we’re able to relate to one another as a family, you make us bold through these trials. I pray we wouldn’t look at what’s infront of us, the depression or anything we all struggle with, I pray that you would help us to see the GOOD in it! You grow us! And it all only brings us closer to you! Which is my hearts desire, to know you more and love you more! I pray for deliverance and healing! I pray that you would help us and strengthen us to keep going. I pray that when days are hard to get out of bed, and to get out of the bedcovers, I pray you’d give us the strength we need to fight through the day, to fight the good fight of faith, that we would BEAT every single mental issue we have my Lord! Thank you for your faithfulness, love, kindness, gentleness, grace, and mercy, thank you for all that you are! Again I pray you’d give us strength to overcome these mental issues and to help us to encourage one another, to bear one another’s burden to beat these sufferings. Amen



Thank you for praying for this community. You are awesome! Would you pray for me? I want to be content in the storms, and God helping me to trust Him. Thank you. :pray:t5:


Yes of course!! I will most definitely be praying!!


Thank you so much for this prayer! Very much appreciated. Know that I am thinking of and praying for you as well!

Hannah Rhodes