Prayer Request

I’m not a fan of Hawk Nelson, but pray for their singer, Jonathan Steingard. He doesn’t believe in God anymore.

Just got done spending some time reading through his first post and his recent post about “What Now?”

I felt initially shocked by this response, as I had the privilege of spending time with their guitarist and drummer. When I read through his posts, I felt as if this could be a really positive step for the faith world in general. It’s all based on a similar principle to HeartSupport…that when we talk about the things we wrestle with, we become stronger. It is healthy for the heart and soul to name the things we experience pain in. I think it is potentially a really beautiful thing that he did this.

A couple years ago, I was setting up the dresser for my boys’ room before they were born. I bought a piece from IKEA and started setting it up. My friend was there to help me originally with the setup, and the very moment he left, I broke something.

My heart sank.

IKEA is so far away from where I live, and they are notoriously difficult for finding replacement parts. I dreaded the idea of driving, wasting time, having to pause this setup, waylaying my progress potentially for days. I was PISSED. I literally yelled.

I stepped away and turned to God asking – what the hell?!

His response: “I am not afraid of broken things. And you are like your Father.”

Immediate rescue. What a grace for my soul. And it helped me find a way through that broken piece, assemble the dresser, and complete the project that day.

I believe that is something true to God’s character – He is not afraid of broken things.

With this situation with Jonathan, God remains the same. He remains unshaken. And He is characteristically good at turning all things for good. I believe He’ll make something beautiful out of this. Take heart, friend!



I complain little things too. Thank you for replying.

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