Prayers for Cancer

Hello friends,

I was hoping to just ask for prayers for my partner’s father. He has had a recurrence of cancer and it is spreading and growing fast. It’s heartbreaking to watch her family go through this process, and reminds me so much of when I lost my both aunt and grandfather to cancer several years ago. Please pray for healing and peace in her family… it’s difficult to find hope in this time, and im just trying my best to be supportive of my girlfriend. I don’t really understand what God’s plan is in this… but gosh. please pray for them; whatever kind word you have her her as well, would be so appreciated. I just need her to know she/her family are not alone in this.

Thank you for always being the people I can turn to when life is so hard (and the people who are there to celebration the good things). I have posted this same message on the discord, because I can’t quite find the words to write something different. Thank you so much for all your understanding.



Hi @Alex,

I’m sorry to hear about your partner’s father. My thoughts go to you and your family. I hope you’ll still find some peace through this difficult moment. Sending much Love to all of you. :heart:

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Hi @Micro,

Thank you so much for the love. I will pass along your message for sure- It is so appreciated.

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