Precise of what my biggest problem I have in recent years hoping that link works it will explain and good detail of why I have such an issue and I’m tired of life itself. If not I guess I have to try to find time to explain much more but in short I don’t care for Life much more until these illegal authorities of America can get rid of so I can have a better life cuz I’m tired of them harassing me and controlling my life where I cannot have anything. The video is Audio Only so you don’t have to see anything. The only way I see out of all this mess it’s either to finally pay off the rent some of these illegal Authority is of America or to finally get rid of them and get some people who can do their job right. Other than that there’s nothing more I can do and I’m tired of it

@Micro this person really needs your help! I really want to help you, and I listened to the whole thing, but I really don’t understand it, i’m just a kid who isn’t even 14 yet so I really don’t think I can help you here, just believe that I still sympathize even though I’ve never experienced this before, sometimes I have nightmares that feel real. But I bet Micro can help you.

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Ok thanks. Yes it is a weird complicated situation. I wish I was not in but forced upon it. Lately other things came about not like a new warrant for violating some kind of probation thing so I don’t know what that’s about or what they’re going to do with that. But at least my story has been out

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