Pregnant, depressed, and anxious

It’s been quite some time since I’ve come to this support wall. I’m so thankful to know I can fall back to this whenever needed. I am struggling big time. I am 9 weeks pregnant and in a fantastic relationship. Due to being pregnant I decided to get off meds, I did it properly with my doctor of course, but it’s been hell. The dread, depression, and anxiety is at full force along with my hormones being at an all time high and low at all times of the day. I’ve been dealing with awful morning sickness, exhaustion, and body pains. I work from home so it’s been great for days I’m super sick but, I do not leave my house. I feel so secluded but I am so sick. mentally and physically. my boyfriend does not understand mental health and he doesn’t belittle me for it and always tries to be here for me in every way possible but, I just feel so depressed. It’s so hard to be with someone who does not get what you’re going through. I feel like he must think I’m crazy! I’ve tried venting to him and he doesn’t understand why I “cant stop worrying” we all know it’s not that easy. But, to him he’s so laid back and this man does not stress about a single thing. I am just already mourning my life pre-baby and I feel guilty because we tried for this. Of course I want this baby with everything in me but, I’m really bad with change and I know I’m in for a huge life change. I’m also feeling so distant in my relationship just because the time we could have to spend time together I am too sick to do anything. I haven’t seen friends, I barely see family. It’s just such a hard time and I am just hoping things get better soon.


I hope you’re baby will be very healthy!! I know it’s hard to cope with depression, anxiety, etc. But we all have to learn how to cope!:heartpulse:

I wish you luck on you’re new baby!:heartpulse::pray:t2:

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Firstly congrats on the pregnancy! It’s wonderful news, and thank you for sharing it with us!

I’m so glad you consulted your dr through the process, it’s so important to make sure that you are safe.
Have you been in constant contact with them about how you’ve been feeling?

I’m really glad your partner has been supportive of you, but I understand how some people who haven’t experienced mental health struggles don’t quite get it. It isn’t as simple as just chanting a positive mantra or stop worrying. Your mind literally cannot do that
Do you have conversation with him about what you need from him? Instead of trying to make him understand, sometimes it’s easier to let them know what kind of support we need. Sometimes I need my partner to talk me through it, and sometimes I just want him to listen.

I would also encourage your partner to sit down and talk to your dr as well. It shouldn’t be on your shoulders to try educate, it’s a lot of pressure, so if he’s happy to, they can share so many resources and information. Maybe it’ll help him gain a broader understanding.

There’s a lot of stigma around depression and pre and peri partum.
You don’t have to feel guilty. You’ve been experiencing illness, depression, isolation… I don’t blame you for feeling overwhelmed and for wanting to feel better.
I hope this weekend you can get some rest for yourself x


Thank you for your response and the insight.
Great idea to tell him what I need instead of trying to get him to understand. I’m definitely going to try that.
Appreciate you a ton!


Hi shortcats,
thank you for reaching out, thank you for sharing.
i am happy to hear about your relationship and your pregnancy.
we all struggle, we all have our weights to carry over time. i never was pregnant so i can’t imagine how this is.
reaching out with all, speaking about that is most important. your boyfriend tries his best, i am sure but often
many people struggle with how to handle people with mental struggles. try to make them understand is often too
much what we expect, but what we can make sure is that they accept it. if he does that, if he accepts all of that
and he loves you, i would say that is perfect. he is there for you and i am sure you two will make great parents.
enjoy that so much, you deserve that.
life should be about love, kindness and understanding, if that is given to us we should all feel grateful for that.
these are the values that we all should have and show others. you do that. @ManekiNeko you do that. thank you.
within your therapy it can help, that your partner of your child will go with you for some sessions.
that will help for sure.
we are often alone with these nightmares that haunt us, we are often too alone around other people and feel
alone. let it all out. small steps matter most. you are loved and you matter most :purple_heart: feel hugged my friend

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I wish you the best and that you have a healthy pregnancy