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Progress about about the incident

I had group therapy today altho we had a sub I manged to tell her about the abuse from my dad it was scary and tomorrow I’m gonna try and tell her about my brother sexually abusing me when I was little I’ve never told anyone and I wanna keep it like that but I geuss its better if I tell her I also got to spend time with my dad it’s little progress but I’m happy


Hey @Jay, that’s a huge, huge step. Talking about abuse and sexual abuse can be very scary and feel unsafe, but there are safe places and safe people who are able to listen and support us when we process such trauma. Your group therapy sounds to be like one of those places and I’m glad you feel safe enough with those people to share your heart. It’s really precious.

You can be proud of yourself for being so brave and making steps forward. That’s how we learn to break down a feeling of shame and isolation that just don’t need to be.

Really proud of you, friend. Thank you for sharing those updates. :hrtlegolove: