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Progress , not sure , frustrating yes

Hah well , the girl I want I’m waiting to see if she responds . I’m talking to 3 girls I want but live too far away to actually date . I’m struggling to get my house work done ( alot of it !) I want to go rock climb while the sun is up , I have an interview for a promotion and the weekend ! That has me stressed out . I am starting to think I’m doing the rights just the wrong way . I’m definatly trying not to crash and destroy all my work !! Also my libido is strong this week !!! I lost alot of sleep last night . Seems like I have energy for everything that isn’t productive .

It sounds like your mind may be a bit all over the place because of all you have going on. There’s nothing wrong with being interested in multiple people at once, but given you are concerned about several of-interest being too far away to actually date it seems like you may have interest in something exclusive when it comes to relationships. You may want to try giving more attention to just one above all others if that is the case.

Overall it does seem like things are going fairly well for you, but your mind is all over the place. Try to list everything out on paper or in a Notepad file in the order of priority. If there’s a particular thing about your interview (such as questions you may be asked) that have you stress, maybe spend some time contemplating how you may handle those questions. If climbing is something you want to do, maybe see what day of the week & time may be easiest for you to squeeze that into your day(s).

It does really sound like you’re on the right track in a lot of ways, but your energy is being scattered- maybe even your focus as well. Maybe planning out where your energy goes and on what days may help de-clutter your mind a bit and help you excel where you want to. It doesn’t sound like your energy is being completely wasted; it just seems like you may be burning through it faster because of how all over the place your head space.

I do think listing things out for your day-to-day game plan might help you more easily sort things out.