Project made me cry

I’m in a college photography class, and we’re working on final projects. So, there’s two parts to the project. You have to write a paper on a famous photographer and then take photos inspired by the photographer.
So, my photographer is Dorothea Lange who took pictures of the migrant workers during the Depression/Dust Bowl. Which I had no clue how to approach to begin with. I made a comment about needing to take pictures of laborers (construction, farmers, etc.) and someone told me that’s rude and they don’t like their picture taken. Which just broke me and made me start crying. So now instead of getting pictures (some of which are due tomorrow) I am sitting here crying about how this is impossible to do, I’m going to fail, and there’s no point of even bothering to show up to class for the rest of the semester.

I basically got forced to pick her. What happened was I had another two photographers in mind and two of my classmates took both of them on me so it was an “oh crap, what’s another photographer?” So, I am not that interested in her work to begin with and now I don’t even want to bother doing the project because I have no ideas what so ever and being told my idea was rude was the end of that. So, I’m just going to submit my F for the class now and just leave it there. Because obviously that’s the grade I’m getting on my project.

You are very stressed out right now and under a lot of pressure. The person who said it was rude was probably under the impression that you would not ask permission first. If you asked politely then it would have been fine. Could even get some classmates to help by posing for you. Look and see if there is a community garden or area you could pose some people with tools or props that would look realistic enough once you edit the photos. It will be fine, you are just really stressed and that’s understandable