Psychiatrist appointment today

I had an appointment with a psychiatrist today. It felt so weird actually talking about what’s been happening to someone face to face lol

It actually helped me realise how twisted the relationship between my mother and me actually has become and that I had a pretty traumatic experience in 7th grade, that I completely forgot about.

They also told me it would only make sense if I were to visit a day clinic or adolescent psychiatry. I’ll be honest, the thought of those scares me. Especially the second one. I hate being away from home; away from my cat. She is one of the very few things that comforts me and without her, i’d be so lost.


Hey there,
Making the decision to go see a psychiatrist takes so much courage, and you did that!! I am so glad it was a helpful session and allowed you to realize some trauma that you had previously experienced. Receiving some clarity on experiences and relationships like that can really help us have a place to work from in order to grow and heal.

Starting on a journey towards healing can be very scary and intimidating, especially when it means we may have to leave some of our comforts behind for a little bit, but your health is so worth it! You are worth the effort and worth receiving support and help. So, know that although it may be scary you have all of us here supporting you and believing in you. This is such a huge and important first step! Very proud of you and the strength you’ve shown.

Hold fast my friend, you’ve got this!

Hannah Rhodes

You did great on making the effort to go talk to someone! Hopefully that helps you out some. I get that those places can be scary. It may work out for youz maybe get more info on it


Well done! It’s a big step to go get some help and open yourself up in that way. I am happy to see that it was insightful for you and it’s given you a base where you can work from to work through the turmoils that you are facing and even some next steps for the future.

I know it’s scary, especially if you haven’t been in that space and place before. I would suggest that you go visit the clinic if you are able to do so and speak to some of the staff there to see how it is. It will give you some comfort with the idea.

I know that it is tough leaving our comforts behind for a little while. I think a lot of us has these crutches that we like to cling to when things get rough, but you have to remember that it is going to be temporary and you will be back with your cat in no time. Have the confidence to step forward with the process and help yourself so that you and your cat can have some more epic times together.

Keep us posted on your progress, it can be quite daunting, but we are here for you! Stay strong friend.

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