PTSD and Hearing Impairment

Every day I struggle with PTSD and hearing impairment that has drew me into isolation. I do have hearing aids and they are tuned but it feels like I still struggle to hear certain words what people say to me. I am currently unemployed and I am afraid of what to do next it is very hard to come to terms with my issues and decision making of how to deal my hearing impairment and my mental health. I rarely talk to anyone and it feels like I push everyone away also my emotional state is at random angry happy sad in a 30 minute period. I wish I knew what steps to take and how not to be afraid to take those steps.


Im sorry about what you going throgh, I dont how to feel to have PTSD, but I know about being happy one then going crazy the next man. It also, that suck to unemployed and it hard to deal with people what thing are going right.

I do sometime you just need alone time for yourself and some people just need to know that. But it good thing you are talking because it important you and other people. Im sure you not alone in this and you mostly reach someone that going throught the same thing.

Here somethings you can try therpy, yoga, group meeting and finding a passion. But the most important to talk and share your story with people!

Hope you feel better man and stay strong!

First of all,

Welcome to the community AlienSpace! I’m glad that you decided to reach out and share with us.
Secondly, I also struggle with PTSD so I can somewhat relate to the things that comes with. Which I know varies by person. But I know how that alone can cause a rift in relationships and socializing.

I don’t know what it is like to have a hearing impairment.But I can imagine why it leads you to feel the way you do.

I think sometimes it’s okay to push away and need space. I know I often do. People can be really overwhelming and sometimes I just need quiet to collect my thoughts, to think and to breathe. And that’s totally okay.

Have you reached out to the people who are talking to you and explained that some things are hard for you to hear and asked them to speak a little slower or louder to help you better understand? I’m sure that it probably takes a while for each person to learn how to best communicate but I bet people would be open to it if you spoke to them about it. (:

I agree with @Metalskater1990, therapy, yoga, group meetings are all excellent sources to turn to if you need a safe place. For me, Art is my outlet. Do you have something that you enjoy doing? Writing? Reading? Art? Photography? Is there anything that you feel passionate about that you can turn to when you are feeling distant from people? Art is my way to both collect myself and release energy that I need to let go of. It helps calms my mind and my anxiety.

Anyway, I know I don’t have all of the answers to help your situation, but I still want to let you know that someone cares about what you are going through. I may not fully understand everything, but I am open to you and here to listen. I hope that you are able to find a way to work through these feelings you have so that you can feel more at peace with what you are going through and with yourself. You don’t have to go at it alone. We are here to offer as much understanding as we can, support, encouragement and compassion.

I’m really glad you reached out and I hope that you will continue to so that we can get to know you even better.

So much love to you

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Thank you for the warm welcome to the community forum and yes it has been a long time coming to reach out because of that little voice that you either choose to ignore or shut our completely now screams at the top of its lungs tell you to get help from somewhere. Also no I have not been able to reach out to people about my hearing impairment because of my anti social skills and I have a hard time talking to anyone face to face because I get nervous and afraid of how they will react of my disability. I do have a few hobbies one of the is art it does help clear my mind on occasions I have never seen how well my drawings have been rapidly improving lately so I do feel accomplished for something I love. I know not a lot of people will have the right answers I just finding the right steps to take in the right direction will help me.

But that is just it though my alone time for myself has been several years I rarely talk to people even family I have almost lost my social skills completely I have always been afraid to talk to people face to face because of my hearing impairment and how much I struggle with it. But like I told Koyangi one of things I do from time to time is drawing and I have never realized how much I have improved over the years I just wish I could do the same thing with life is try to improve it just like my drawings. Thank you very much for the advice I do appreciate it.

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I had that voice a few years ago and finally gave in and took the steps I needed to help myself and my health. It has really made a huge difference in my life. That first step is the most important. The next step is being willing to take the steps needed to help improve the areas that are difficult or you may be struggling in.

For me, it required filtering out some people. For you, it may just be learning to open up to those you communicate to. If it’s with friends and family, they should be very understanding of your disability and the need for certain things that would better help communicate. I know when facing new people it can be very scary. That’s how it’s been about my Autism. I was diagnosed as an adult and it was scary for me to talk to people about it and tell them I was autistic. I feared discrimination and judgement. But I needed people to know because I struggle with communication and need people to understand why so that they can better communicate with me. For you, it’s just better ways to help since you have hearing impairments. I know it’s scary. I understand that too well. Especially for us who may be more introverted and anti social. But it would make things so much easier for you and you may find that you’ll feel much more relieved after (: . Or maybe you can have someone help you. My partner often speaks for me when I have a hard time. Do you have someone who can act as a advocate or voice for you? Or even a second pair of ears. My partner plays both roles as I have a hard time understanding a lot of things and need him to help me listen so he can explain things better for me later. He’s better at breaking things down so that I can understand where others are not.

I think it’s great that you enjoy doing art! If you are ever comfortable enough, feel free to share your art in the Heart Support Discord! or in Danjo’s discord! He’s one of the two guys that runs the Heart Support stream on twitch!

Here’s the link for HeartSupports discord:

Here’s the link to DanMakesHisMark’s:

Yeah I have not been tested for Autism or ADHD etc… some of my family wants me to get tested because how early of an age my hearing loss started. I dont know many people around here in this area where I live so I still feel like a stranger except for my family. I hope I can find someone that could advocate for me but dont know who I hope I will find someone. I guess my next step is to get over my fear of making an appointment to get help and to get tested.

I am part of the Heart Support Discord and Danjo’s too and I have already share a few of my pictures I drew that is one thing I am not afraid of showing off.

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Getting tested is scary. It was so hard for me to make that step. I actually didn’t even do it intentionally. I was just trying to find a therapist who specialized with people who have ASD because I was struggling connecting to others. But I ended up in a clinic that tests and diagnoses ASD and ended up getting tested. It was anxiety inducing and stressful but so incredibly worth it. And then they assigned me to a really great therapist that I stayed with till I lost my insurance.

Getting diagnosed with BPD, ASD, ADHD really helped me have a better understanding for myself and helped me better know how to manage what I go through daily. So if you can work up that courage, you may find that it could be so relieving for you. So I hope you are able to find the strength and courage.

And as far as your art and discord, I’ll be sure to keep my eyes peeled for you and your work!

No problem man

I been struggle with talking people too. Im not good at talking to girl, because I get nervous of creeping then out. Also I have hurt by them, whatever they lie to me or used me. Its suck, I feel im so different from them. But like drawing, it take practice, whatever talking or picking up a new hobby. We all going to suck at first, but if you keep doing it, you will get better.

One good to do, is go out to dinner or go to a bar, where you kinda talk to the bar tender or waiter or waitness. At first just ask them how their day is going and keep it small. Dont stress being perfect at it. It is easier than going to random person, they have to serve you and be nice about it.

I understand these are not easy to stop and you every right to be mad and sad. In addition remeber you not alone with this.

My mood has improved slightly since my post because I was able to get new drawing pencils and I am noticing huge improvements in my drawings with my new pencils and it makes me feel accomplished and cheerful so I am slowly taking the baby steps to getting better doing other stuff. Now the next step is too conquer my fear of getting help and getting an appointment to see what meds I need to take in order to get a happier life again.

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Awesome man, I think you possbily try CBD, they dont get you high, but does help with the mood swing. You ethier have gummies or oil. However, do whatever help you the most, if want to see an med doctor that fine too. In addition, try see an therpist if you can. Overall, im glad you are doing better man!