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Pushing Support Away

I have been struggling lately. I’m just so used to being worthless that I push everyone away in fear that they won’t want me. I assume they wouldn’t want someone like me in their lives. I have lost alot of people in the past week or so. I pushed away someone I really cared about today. I told him that I was too worthless and that for his own sake, I asked him to stop talking to me. I think my heart is broken but with the way I am feeling, I just feel numb. I just wish I wasn’t so broken, I want to be happy again.

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I understand that you feel the need to push everyone away but if they truly didn’t want you in there lives they would be the ones pushing you away. but there still there for you meaning they want to be in your life and want you in theirs. It might seem easier to push everyone away but some of those people you push away might also be some one who can help you.
I have felt numb myself for a long time now but know you are never gonna be worthless i dont know you but i know you matter and feeling heart broken is natural and so is feeling numb although it is not healthy. And dont give up on being happy you will always go through hard times in life and feel like you dont belong but your so strong and deserve to be happy. But can i ask why you think you feel worthless and think no one will want you?

I know the feeling all too well. You feel that you don’t matter, and you would prefer to just be alone in most cases. I’m not sure what has caused you to feel so worthless, but I can assure you your not. Your human, and still a person that matters. Give them a chance and allow the ones that love you to bring you happiness. I know people love you, if they didn’t then you would have a harder time pushing people away. Sharing a good laugh with someone can make a world of difference. It’s okay to ask for help that’s why we’re all here for you. But your not worthless. Take baby steps to achieve your goals and you can do anything. I hope this helps…

Our greatest enemies at times are ourselves. It’s hard to love ourselves when we view ourselves in a dark shade. I would like to encourage you to look at yourself in a new light and love yourself. Every person including yourself is worth something to someone, somewhere. Pushing people away at times is a defense mechanism for us because it’s easier to push people away. I have done that in the past and can relate. I can imagine the loneliness and pain you feel and am sorry that it’s come to circumstances where you feel the need to push someone away that you truly care about. I can’t say that I know the way out but we’re here to let you know that there is someone who knows you have self worth. I can’t tell you where to find it or how to find it but I do know one thing that you are worth it to someone and you are definitely loved by someone. I encourage you to continue to be open and freely speak your heart. Take care for now. -Drew

I just can’t do it anymore. It’s so hard to not hate myself, I don’t even know how to fix it. I just want to go away. I just wish I was better, that I was pretty and smart. It’s shallow, I understand that, but I just want to be worth something. I want someone to care about me again, I want someone to love me. I want to give someone something to love. I mean who’s going to love a bag of dirt? That’s what I am. I’m a worthless bag of dirt, but at least dirt has a purpose. I don’t. I’m just the person you look at and say “man, I really don’t want to end up like her”. I cut off everyone because it’s evident that I don’t have anything to offer. I have nothing. I have no one. And it’s getting really hard to wake up each day and move on.