Quarter of day became the happiest day

Our choir got invited to have a concert at a little town that’s about an hour from where we live. Thing is, that town is basically decorated every single winter around Christmas with A TON of lights (I’m not kidding, it’s A LOT of lights)

They got a bus rented out for us and (as usual) out my whole family only I wanted to go. So, I got myself tickets and went.

Why it was so awesome is that (considering all the chaos at school) this was really the only time when I actually felt like I belong somewhere, like I wasn’t excluded for once.

Find happiness in small things right? Well, here we go then…

From school trips I’m used to keeping distance from the group but still not too much. What really made me feel nice yesterday is that everyone was constantly looking back to see where I was, really made me feel like people actually cared.

Now, I realize that’s just a humane thing to do, to look after others when in a group but I think you get the point to why it meant a lot to me after years of bullying in school and all of that.

After the concert we were welcomed into a restaurant nearby. In there tables were mainly set up with 4 chairs as usual so everyone sat in mini groups.
I was basically just doing circles to find an empty table to sit at (I’m not that kind of person to come up to a random person who just came there to have dinner and be like “Yeah, mind if I sit here?”) and next thing ya know, there’s about 3 different groups of 4 yelling at me to get a chair and sit with them.

Thing is, these kind of stuff NEVER happen… and I mean NEVER!

Now that I’m telling the story I feel so dumb being like “Yeah, people actually cared about me” but take it as you will.

Throughout the whole trip everyone welcomed and included me in the games they did, activities…

For once I felt loved, I felt cared for, I felt like I mattered.
And it only happened because HeartSupport made me believe that I am loved, that I am a good person, that I am able to step out of my comfort zone and allow those things to happen and I’m more than grateful for that.


Hey @Bart,

Thank you so much for sharing. Again, it fills my heart with joy to read this. I’m really glad you had the opportunity to live such an experience recently. I wish you to encounter many more opportunities like this in times to come! Maybe it’s the first time for you, but definitely not the last one. :heart: Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is really worth it!

You matter and you are loved, beautiful Bart.
Take care. :heart: