Question about mental illness

Hi heart support I have a question it can be possible that someone can pass there mental illness to another person or that’s not possible

Hi Robertolopez

So my opinion, ( not a doctor or expert) but Im say yes techinally. If you are talking about depression or anxiety that is mostly brain chemisty. For I feel my family has suffer from anxiety and it must from generation to generation. Just having let dyselixa or ADHD, it usually is pass from parent to child.However if the question is can pass like disease then not exactly. It not like cold when you get by someome.

In addition thou, Some of these mental illness can be develop by enviroment like group in abuse household or school. Also being in a bad relationship or just modern american society can create by alot stress and pressure.

thanks for answering my question

So, I studied Psychology for a while, and have a little bit of knowledge on this.
Yes AND no. Mental illnesses can’t be “passed on”. HOWEVER, if a parent has a history of mental illness, their children (most often the eldest) has more of a chance of also facing mental illness at some point in there life compared to a child of a parent who HASN’T dealt with any.

Mental illnesses such as Depression, Anxiety and illnesses like that can be LEARNT. If a you live in an environment where the main influence in your life is responding to situations with anxious behaviour, or depressive behaviour you are going to see that and as humans, we learn from seeing things which means, naturally, that is going to be what you think is “the right way” to react.

I hope this helps a little?


I’m not a doctor either but I can say from experience of talking to them as well as therapists and psychologists.

Some people say Dyslexia doesn’t transfer genetically but I was studied as a child because my dad, grandfather, brother and I ALL have dyslexia. That testing led to ADHD and Bipolar testing and the results ultimately said yes, I have bipolar, ADHD, OCD and depression, My brother has ADHD and my paternal grandfather. OCD is my dad and paternal grandfather’s thing and my bipolar stems from my mother and maternal grandmother So genetically they can carry over with brain chemistry. However, depression and anxiety I gained on my own due to conflict in my life. My parents and brother are all driven, opinionated, not a self questioning bone in their bodies kind of people and so when I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety I struggled with it and was alone in that regard. the conflict was with my then boyfriend and he eventually drank himself into an early grave before he was 22 years old from his depression. My family forcing me to move saved me. I posted the full story on my own problem on here so you can get the full details on my depression and if it helps to see the context feel free to look for it. I think it’s case by case on transferring the level and if both people have experienced at the same time or different times all takes a different direction on how things affect people.