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Quick vent

Im stressed about the blm stuff because it never feels like im doing enough because i cant attend protests. I just basicaly got forced into recovery for my ED today and a good friend just happened to leave me today too… Not only that but this recovery stuff couldn’t have come at a worse time because im already stressed out which i know will make things harder because my restriction gets worse when im stressed and its just a lot right now…

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Hey @Miststar. I’m sorry you’re struggling with your ED. It’s important to rest when you need to so you don’t end up feeling even worse. I’m sorry you can’t join in on the protests even though you want to. Even though you can’t join, remember that you’re as important as someone who does join. There are things that you can do from behind the scenes instead of right up front. The people who do things behind the scenes are just as important as the people who are right in the action. Like the people who donate money during fundraisers are behind the scenes, so to speak, and generally they don’t get a lot out of it except the satisfaction that they helped a cause they believe in, but the fact that they donated to help out is important. Without whatever they were willing to give, it would be that much harder for the people in the front to do what’s needed. I don’t expect you to suddenly start donating money, that was just an example. Another example is housekeepers. When you go to a hospital, everyone works to keep the hospital safe and clean, but the housekeepers don’t get a lot of praise and they put in most of the work. If you’re really interested in finding out what you could do to help, try doing an internet search to find out what things are needed and just focus on the things you’re capable of doing at the moment.

Feel better soon.