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I’ve downloaded (again) the quit app for smoking! Once again I feel this personal call in my head that I just need to give it up, and since I’ve gotten this cough and it hasn’t gone away fully, my mind tends to wander to the paranoid depths. “What if it’s something more sinister”?!
Well I’ve had antibiotics, corticosteroids and inhalers so… fingers crossed it’s just lingering a bit.
As of writing this it’s been 3 days, 4hrs and 43 minutes since my last cigarette.
I was able to do something that usually would trigger me to want one this morning and enjoyed so thoroughly without thinking of it.
As of now my heart rate and O2 levels, breathing and taste and smell should be at 100%.
I can’t wait to be able to update as the rest fall into the higher % ranges.

Also as of now I’ve saved approximately $14! So maybe after a month I’ll donate the money I would have spent on smoking to HS during stream! X


Oh, this is such an interesting post!
I love the idea of a visual counter for the time, and I’m so glad that you were able to go through the process without a cigarette!

How exciting, I love the money saved part too, and I love that you’re going to donate it! Lots of little motivations being built into it. so awesome, wishing you loads of success friend!


The rate at which I was smoking costed me $400.00/month in today’s dollars. Fortunately, quit in 1986. Lots of things can trigger a craving, but the physical withdrawal part is over in around 3 days. Besides respiratory improvement, and things tasting better, you’ll notice other positive changes too. Blood pressure tends to be lower, the mind is clearer, skin tone and color improves, fingers and toes stay warmer in cold weather, and you have more sex appeal.

I was living in a cabin in the woods when I quit. When I felt the urge to light up, I’d go cross country skiing. I guess you can imagine how a 2 pack a day smoker handled the skiing, but I was able to build stamina pretty quickly. Some people worry about gaining weight when quitting, but in my case, I lost a lot of weight because of the improved ability to exercise. I think it’s a good idea to have something to do as an alternative to smoking. It is a pretty radical lifestyle change, and it’s easy to feel like something’s missing, unless you have something else to do with those times previously used for “smoke breaks.” Is that what the quit smoking app is for?


Hey my Friend,
that is exciting, thank you for sharing with us. thank you for sharing your progress and journey through
it. you will do good i am sure. and you will feel a lot better afterwards.
i quitted 2 or 3 times and are now smoke free since a year. i know that i will not fall back in this. my
physical health is better than ever i think and i also feel better and smell better, now it’s only my sweat
usually or i generally stink, now i know what StarFox meant the one day during SWAT :wink:
Be proud for that step, i am proud of you and sure we all are. you matter and are worth of everything good,
feel hugged and


Wow 2 pack a day! You must’ve felt like a different person after quitting!

The app depending on if you want to pay for it -
If you don’t pay for it, it still helps you see what improvements are happening in your body, how much money you’re saving, how much life you’ve gained back, how much time you’ve saved from smoking ect. You can put in cravings and triggers and still talk to people in the community if you want, if you pay for it then it has the extras of how to cope with triggers and 1-1 coaching ect.
I find I am happy enough to fill my time with other things, it’s probably going to be more when I have a beer or when I’m with people from work that it’ll be harder, but I’m determined.

Thank you @Sita and @Aardvark for your support! Congrats, andi! That’s an awesome effort!

I went to the dr today and I have found that today the cough hasn’t been as bad and the dr said my lungs sound clear. My skin looks a heck of a lot better too!


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