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R e a d t h i s (trigger warning)

What’s the easiest way to kill myself? Please dont tell me not to, or that life is worth living, I’ve heard it all, I just want options for when it becomes too much. Seriously, what’s the easiest, fastest, and least painful way?

Hey friend,

I’m sorry you’ve been feeling at the edge of giving up. You won’t receive here any advice for that kind of thing, obviously. But we’re willing here to support you, to listen and help you as we can.

I’d like to encourage you to contact a crisis line and to talk to the volunteers/professionnals there about what’s in your mind right now:

It is safe, anonymous, and you can use those resources as much as you need.

Hold fast.


Hey friend,

Like Micro said, your life matters and is important even if it may feel really otherwise right now. We can’t offer you that sort of information nor would we want to, but we can offer encouragement and support. We can listen if you need a place to rant. You deserve to be heard. But in respect I will not pressure you. Just know you’re welcome to.

@Micro has left you some links that are resources that can help. I hope that you find peace and healing my friend.

When you’re ready, we’re ready to listen.


You do that, friend, and you might end up hurting someone. You may not think there is anyone who cares, but you may not see them. You are not alone. Don’t find a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I know it seems like this will never end, and it will never get better. But let me remind you, life is full of surprises. Somewhere out there, there is a person who will love you for who you are. You’re going to make that person very happy.