Rainbow bridge

I didn’t know this but there’s a place called rainbow bridge where my dogs have gone to heaven every morning is a struggle for physically and mentally some days I dint want to get out of bed my anxiety has reached a point now where I stay in the house all day I have anxiety panic attacks and severe depression as Freddie Mercury said who wants to live forever

Hey Jay,

Man it’s so hard to feel like your life itself is too heavy…like there’s too much weight on you to even get up and get going…to feel like you want to, but everything inside of you claws at you any time you move towards what you want…to feel like you’ve got all of this goodness and passion and dreams and desires inside of you but to fear with every day that passes that they get further and further away, like you may never reach them, and like what’s the point of even trying anymore? It can feel so discouraging when everything feels so hard.

I’m sorry you’re in that place, friend. Honestly, I can relate. Today’s one of those days for me too. Glad we aren’t in this alone and we have each other to remind one another – you can do this. You can do this.



I know yeah we all can relate thankyou man I appreciate your comment

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