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Was listening to a song that I’ve liked for many years, I finally saw the lyrics translated into English and man do they hit close to home especially this part.

“Weak and fragile tears hide behind everyone of my smiles. I cannot hide them anymore. The amber colored dream of so many years comes to an end. Will my true self be there? These things I’ve endured have pushed me to the point where I’ve begun to desire death. I even reached out my hands, but now I’ve arrived here.”

Crazy how I couldn’t understand what they were saying when I first heard the song, but I could instantly feel it through the vocalist’s delivery on the song.


Tears behind smiles - very few people escape having that feeling. Tears are cathartic, and should be allowed to flow freely when the need exists. Rather than desire death, seek comfort, understanding and connection. I think tears behind smiles connects us.

Tears behind smiles demonstrates courage, compassion and empathy. That’s something the world needs more of.

The authentic you is here now. Welcome. May you find connection and compassion here. Wings

Something else though with this song is that it ends on an uplifting note.

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Because it ends with.

“Until my voice withers,until the very end of… Until my voice withers I will sing.”
And that Hits home with me because to me I take it as no matter what I will keep going on until I physically can not anymore.

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if you’re comfortable with sharing, I’d love to give the original song a listen!

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It’s called Amber by Dir en grey

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It’s incredible how music combined with lyrics can become some kind of photography of emotions. There are so many songs that I feel emotionally connected with, as it creates this magic of putting into sounds the depth of emotions I would never be able to put into words. It’s always special to meet someone at that level of experience too. Thank you for sharing this precious part of your heart with the community here. :hrtlegolove:

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Hello there,

I truly believe that music can help in so many ways. I am glad that you had one of those kinds of moments. Thank you for sharing it with us. Thank you for sharing this moment with us.

-StarFox :yellow_heart:

No problem I was a little worried no one would really care all that much but I’m glad you enjoyed my post.

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Thank you for commenting and yeah music can do wonders for the soul.

Here’s a link to the studio version and pv for the song slight warning their are a few shots of blood in the video so if you are uncomfortable with that please don’t watch.

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