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Range of emotions

I’m feeling jealous of my ex’s I see online getting to be happy and have families I get angry at them and the world for not giving me that I get up set at people who had systems that looked out for them and taught them I get mad at the people holding down jobs when I can’t cuz of crippling anxeity and sh I feel up set that I feel incredibly broken in a world that just throws out the trash


Hey, I can understand the feeling of seeing someone who’s hurt you move on and be happy. Especially if there’s been other struggles going on in your life.
You also deserve just as much love and happiness.
Do you think you could be able to block them from your accounts, at least for a while? Sometimes it makes it easier when they aren’t constantly shoved in your face.
I want to say a quote without sounding harsh, but with driving home a certain point. The quote is “jealousy is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die”.
Maybe you can’t control what happens in other peoples lives. In the lives of people who’ve hurt you or “moved on” from you. Letting them have control over your emotions is hard to let go of, but it is possible.
Love comes in many forms, and I know you will find new love in all those forms.
Are there people in your life you love spending time with and want to pour that energy into?

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Hey @Derpplup,

You seem to be legitimately overwhelmed and drained because of all the things that are happening outside and inside of your own world. Also because comparision is a trap. Your journey is yours. Others are others. But I hear and understand what you crave for and why it hurts to feel like you’re not able to get there.

It is surely difficult and painful to feel like belonging in this world sometimes. A huge part of our personal journeys, for every individual, is somehow to find this sense of belonging one way or another. Otherwise we feel incomplete, unseen, worthless.

I promise you that you are not broken. There’s nothing in your emotional, physical and health situation that make you less than anyone else. It makes the path more challenging because the world is not adapted enough to be more inclusive. You are not the problem. You are already existing, full of life, full of this beautiful spark within you. Don’t let others success and failures condition yours. It is not worth it.

You are loved so very much and you are worthy right as you are today, tomorrow, each and everyday. You are loved and worthy, always. :hrtlegolove:

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