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Rant of being alone


For 7 years now I’ve been in and out of the hospital and I’ve made a lot of what I thought were friends through my recovery and I’ve always checked up on them and see how they were doing and was always there for them. Im just tired of being the one that’s always there for everyone else and not having anyone there for me, I know it sounds selfish but some days it I just need someone to check up on me and ask me how I’m doing or just say hey your going to be ok. But I guess i won’t because I guess no one really cares about me unless they are getting something out of it…


It’s not selfish to want to be checked on by others, especially those that you help. I can relate, I help everyone else around me, but no one asks me if I’m okay or even how I’m doing… Myself and others on Heart Support care :heart: we’re here for you



I relate to it too. I want my loved ones to check up on me out of the blue, but they don’t. It makes me sad. I have been dealing with loneliness all of my life, and I don’t like it. We want to stay connected with family and friends. That’s why this community exists. To remind you that you are not alone. Focus on the bright side. You are loved. Your life matters. Thank you for sharing. If you want to vent, this forum is open. I hope you will have a great week. God bless. Stay strong.


Thanks both of you for your support


hey you, @lost
your going to be okay and you will be okay. we will be here for you. love you . if you need anything ill, we will be here for you!