Reality hurts!

I am on prozac and things have been going well. Today I woke up with thoughts in my head though. The harsh reality is that I don’t have a best friend or close friends anymore. 99 percent of my time is working and with my children. I love them to death but I feel trapped sometimes. I feel like when I try to be friends with people at work everyone has there clicks they hang out with but I don’t. I am just in my own world. I’ll talk to people here and there but I’m never a part of a group of friends. I just basically am just cool with most people. I am usually in my own world. I’ve been working on pulling my self out of my depression with meds and therapy but it sometimes I think about how alone I am and I’m just on my own stuck. I have a good life don’t get me wrong but I’m kinda upset I don’t have a person to bond with. All the people I hang around are dicks to each other. Can’t trust anyone. These people at work love drama. Any thing they can find they will.make drama about. Please help

Hi friend, I can understand not having people to connect with locally. I struggle with this as well. And putting myself out there can be challenging. You are not alone.

It sounds like your co-workers aren’t the kind of people you would want to invest your time and energy in anyway. Just based on the fact that they like to be dicks towards each other and prone to drama. I try to make it a point not to associate with people like that.
Someone suggested to me that maybe I could use to find some people with similar interests. I actually found a couple gaming groups. Maybe you can check this website out and find some groups that are connected to other people who like the same things. Whatever that may be.

Something you could do maybe is connect with some groups that like to play board games. And if you find some cool people, maybe you can host a game night at your house. Grab some snacks, drinks, a few games or have people bring their own and play with the whole family. I love game nights.

Does your counselor have some resources you can use to help get yourself out there? I did a ladies group that my therapist had suggested and was able to connect to a couple of young ladies that I ended up hanging out with over bubble tea and movies. That was nice.

I hope you are able to find ways that work for you friend. It’s important for us to find time for ourselves in our lives. Parents or not. Me time is always refreshing. Even if it’s done at home.

Just know that we are here no matter what you are going through, no judgement. Just love.

Hold Fast

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