Realizing I do deserve things

Hi, I posted on here a couple months ago when I was in a really bad head space. Definitely was struggling a lot with self-worth, and feeling unworthy of love. Although things still aren’t perfect for me, and I have some things to work on, things have been getting a bit better. I started talking to a counsellor and gathered the courage to open up about things to some of my family members.

Before I thought it was so bizarre that people seemed to care about me, I didn’t know why. It puzzled me that people would try and help me when I was struggling. Now, I know why they did these things for me… I deserved it. I am someone who deserves love and to be cared for. Just as much as anyone who is reading this right now. It still feels a bit weird for me to think like that, but I know that it is true and it makes me happy to think about.

Some future goals that I would like to set:

  • Reduce procrastination in school

  • Start some sort of personal project that I’m genuinely interested in

  • Voice my own opinions more frequently

  • Make plans more often

I will post here every now and then to give updates, this place really helped me out when I was at a low point, and I just want to thank those who responded to my last post.


Wow. Just wow. @Ahoka, that’s wonderful. I’m so glad you’ve started to talk to your family and to see a counselor.

You know, this whole process of having a conversation here before, and to realize that you matter, happened because you made this first step of reaching out. It’s not easy to take a break from the thoughts in our head, but once we do it we allow people to share different perspectives. Never forget that. :heart:

I’m really looking forward to hearing about your journey and how you approach your goals. Take care, friend!

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