Really boring

Hi I’m just done with this life , every thing is so boring and I can’t find a reason to stay alive anymore or waking up in the morning .


Hi Zoeya.
I’m just a fellow sad person, but just wanted to say I hope you find something that inspires you.
Out of curiosity, what are some things you used to enjoy maybe? Or if you were free to do absolutely whatever and I mean like no limitations, no money or physical limits - is there anything you’d want to do then? Something you find cool?


Hi @Zoeya ,

Today, the HeartSupport Houston team is setting up our tent at a festival in Houston. We’re going to post your Topic (condensed) on our Support Wall at the festival, and ask people at the festival to support you. We’ll post their replies early next week, but you can follow along on the Instagram page.

Hold Fast friend, support is coming.

  • John

Hi again @Zoeya

On Saturday June 5th, the HeartSupport Houston team set up a physical version of this Support Wall at the Texas Taco and Tequila Music Festival.

We posted a condensed version of your topic to the Wall, and asked real people at the festival to provide support for you.

The responses (pics below) to your topic are from real people who read your post, cared for you, and took the time to carefully write out a response to make sure that you felt loved and supported. They all wish for you to find healing and joy, and their hearts go out to you.

  • HeartSupport Houston


I can’t believe people who don’t know me like that could take the time of their lives to write this to me I am really grateful, thank you thank you from my heart


Hmmm I used to enjoy talking with my friends and spending time together… but in a difficult period I feel that my feelings have suddenly disappeared, I tried to struggle to find them but it is no use… I feel like a robot


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