Really happy today!

Hi! I’m really happy today, it’s my first day back at the college and I had gotten something for my teacher. So, story time! My teacher is obsessed with unicorns, and she has a hamster that talks to her in her head named Douglas. When I first heard about doug he reminded me of my headmates, and when I was out of town I went to a stuffed animal store and so happened to find a stuffed unicorn with the brand name tag saying “Douglas” at that point I knew I HAD to get it!
And I gave it to her this morning. She was so happy that she said I made her day and hugged me, and my friends said it looked like she was about to cry. And for the rest of class she joked about the toy being a squeaky toy because she makes us all laugh bc our one classmate laughs SO WEIRD sounds like Coup, or whatever its called (doesn’t hurt her tho) so fucking funny so whenever she shook the toy to fuzz up the fur my friend laughed and it sounded like a squeaker toy from animals bc of her laugh and it was so fucking funny. Whole class laughed and laughed and it made my day. Our teacher makes our day every day with how good of a teacher she is, so of course we want to make her day. Niko loves her, thinks she’s the best teacher ever, and she is! Best teacher I’ve ever had in my life.
Not only that though, I got to sit next to the people I talk to when I’m usually at a school (just started full time in person school) and it just made me feel very fuffilled, not alone. I felt alot better after today, I hope tommrorw is the same but I’m always scared to jinx that. I love these people and they make me feel alive. Each student has their own unique personality and we all get to see that side of eachother during her classes. It makes me happy to see everyone happy, that’s usually when I’m most content. Seeing a smile on everyone’s face just makes me feel like life isn’t so bad, and I’m not so bad to them either. I just hope I get to be able to be friends with these people. I’m hoping I’m considered friends with my 2 fav ppl there, but I feel like if I say I am then they will suddenly hate me. Just my OCD. Lol getting teary eyed, but it’s a happy cry this time. I hope I’m not being bipolar and this happens tommrorow. I wish I could remember these good moments. I wish it could last forever.
Hope you guys have a nice day <3


It’s good to keep such days close in memory, as they are a source of comfort when things aren’t so great. I think your 2 favorite people are your favorites because you recognize that they won’t hate you. Yeah, OCD may tell a different story, but it’s function is to distort perception. Then you have to ask yourself, what truth has it ever presented to you.

I’m pretty sure you bring out the best in others, even on your rough days. Make sure that when you are around others who are having a bad day, don’t take it personally or assume that it’s your fault, or that they think it’s your fault.

I lived next door to a teacher for a while when I was a kid. He never taught me in a classroom, but he was still the best teacher I ever knew.

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This is so awesome and so precious. I couldn’t help but having a huge smile while reading your post. Thank you so much for taking the time to share it with us here. It’s so heartwarming to read such a touching and precious spark of life. Felt like being there with you!

Cherish those moments friend. Even though life is constantly moving and changing, these moments will be memories that never fade. It’s so important to embrace them when it happens.

Thank you for making your teacher feel loved, and by extension for bringing some joy in the heart of your classmates - and in ours as well. :hrtlegolove:


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