Really upset with my mom

My mom is gonna really fuck my counseling up because i told her my room is my safe room an now she’s threatening me with it to the counsellor bc of it, me and her started fighting bc i’ve been wanting to see my friend an she won’t let me bc she lives in the city


I’m sorry you’re in conflict with your mom. Based on my experience, a therapist would think having a safe room is a decent idea. Everyone needs to have a place that feels like a refuge.

Is there a chance your friend would come to see you. She might love a chance to get away from the city.


I’m sorry things have been a bit strained with you mum at the moment. Maybe it’s something you can bring up with your counsellor so you can find ways to be able to talk to her and find solutions with it.
You deserve a safe space and to see friends, so hopefully the mediation can help explain both sides and come to some arrangement


Hi Friend,

I’m sorry you’re having problems with your mother. Is she upset because if you have a safe room that the rest of the house isn’t safe? I hope that when she does talk to your counselor that they can explain to your mother what a safe room is.

I know that you are frustrated with your mother not letting you go the the city to see your friend. She might not think it’s safe for you to go alone or that you are too young to go alone. She might have a good reason, perhaps you can sit down calmly with her and ask why she won’t let you go.

Hope things work out!


Hello there,

I am sorry to hear that you are going through all of this. Hopefully, your counselor can help guide the conversation so you and your mom can come to an understanding with one another. I know that it can be easier said than done. You got this!

-StarFox :yellow_heart:


Hey Horselover,

I am sorry to hear that you are having these issues with your mom. Is this something you can talk to your counselor about without your mom present? Does your mom maybe not understand what ‘safe room’ means?

It’s perfectly normal to have a space that is your safe, comfy spot that you can retreat to. I hope you can find peace in your safe spot, and visit your friend. :hrtlegolove:


Hi @Horselover200246 I am sorry you are having this conflict with your mum, perhaps your counceller can help you explain to her the idea of what your “safe space” actually is and make her understand why you need it?
Also I truly hope that you do get to see your friend, give it time, let your mum calm down a bit and try again. Hopefully things will sort themselves out.
Much Love
Lisa. x


hi friend,

thank you for keeping your heartsupport community updated on how things are going for you. i feel like most people consider their bedroom is their “safe place” to fully relax and feel at peace & protected. i’m so sorry your mom doesn’t understand that having a safe room is a good thing - i wonder if she perceives that comment as “i don’t feel safe in other rooms of the house?” regardless, i hope your counselor can guide your mom into realizing it’s so good for you to have that space to feel safe in. i agree with wings, i hope your friend can visit you then since city life can sometimes be overwhelming! that’d be a fun compromise with how your mom is acting and you can still see your friend! hope to hear from you soon, my friend.




I’m really sorry about how things are going, I hope everything will be fine and you can figure everything out.


The main reason i’ve been told it’s bc she is worried about me ending back in the hospital bc i’m known to act on my thoughts but i haven’t acted out in weeks now only time it has somewhat been an act out was when the cops were called that was


She is just trying to keep you safe, that’s all. She loves you.

Maybe you can figure out a way to go that involves her going.

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