Recently found out im bipolar type 2 spent years t

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Recently found out I’m Bipolar type 2. Spent years trying to bury and burn the side of me I couldn’t control. Now I’ve got to face it and while I’m always looking for a fight, I’m not sure I can win this one on my own.


Thank you so much for sharing. Receiving a diagnosis can be scary. Hopefully naming it can help you deal with it and find ways to help navigate your symptoms. It can be empowering once we find out what we’re dealing with. I totally get that it can also be overwhelming but you are not in this alone! Opening up about what we’re experiencing can help us connect with others who have been there before us. This is a safe and supportive place, you are brave and strong and we’re so glad you are here!

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The clarity can be so freeing to now have a label for things you were experiencing! You no longer have to bury and burn the side of yourself you couldn’t control. Realizing you may not have the strength to win this on your own is actually a super empowering place to be. In that knowledge, you can reach out, increase your networks, plug in to resources, lean on those that are stronger than you. It’s okay to need help and support sometimes and I hope you find those other things to help sustain you in this fight. The most important thing is to not give up!

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I’m so encouraged by your positive spirit and determination to overcome–I hope and pray you can keep up that same mindset as you continue to persevere through and navigate this diagnosis
If there are family members and others you trust who you can confide in and lean on for support through this time, I would highly recommend leaning into them and cultivating those relationships. Knowing you are not alone can lend so much strength and fortitude through life’s circumstances. I’m rooting for you friend!

You will overcome this fight too, friend! And it’s okay if for one battle in particular you might need some extra support along the way. It doesn’t mean you would be weak in any way. It’s one of the good sides of not being alone in this world - we can also seek supportive connections in order to walk safely through difficult times. Somehow, I like to think personally that not all battles are meant to be done just on our own. When you think of it, every super-hero has a sidekick, someone that is there to encourage them when they reach a low point, and remind them why they are doing what they do. It doesn’t overshadow any of the efforts of the main protagonist as it it still their very own journey.

Receiving a proper diagnosis can feel so intimidating at first, and it’s understandable to navigate doubts or even fears right now. It’s like reaching a crossroad and you realize that you need to sit down for a little bit to fully comprehend your situation and the paths available ahead. Take the time you need, breathe, reflect on how you feel. But rest assured that this crossroad is not a dead end. New doors will be opened moving forward, and with certainty an even higher sense of self-awareness and growth for you. You got this!