Redrots Fan #3

Friday night. I went to a gaming event cause I like to play video games but I just stayed back and felt like I didn’t belong

That so sucks. I am so sorry you went to something you love and did not belong. Next time i want you to try and again and try striking up a conversation, talk about the next version of that game that could or is coming out. I want to you find things you can relate to. Also Next time bring a friend even if they are not into it bring them. Share what you are into with them. I know you feel alone but i can promise you this you surely are not. I am here for you friend love you.

Hold Fast
Morgan Hochstetler
HS Intern

Yeah man it can be so difficult to join in to the “group”, because it feels like from the outside everyone knows each other, and you’re the only one who doesn’t…like if you were to put yourself out there people are going to look at you like some idiot who doesn’t belong here…it’s SO MUCH EASIER to stand in the back and “hope” that if you were to step in that people were accept you…or at least to not have to face the reality that they would reject you if you were to step in…

I know so many cases where I refrained from engaging in relationship because I was afraid of rejection…I do it particularly when I think other people are cooler than me, and I feel I have no defense if they were to reject me that their words weren’t meaningful…I feel defenseless, naked, vulnerable, and if I were to step in and open up, I’d allow them to cut me deep, and I fear that.

You’re not crazy for feeling this way or shying away…you are NOT alone. And over time, I believe we can encourage each other to build up our internal strength and acceptance to be comfortable in more situations than we previously were. One step at a time, and together many things are possible.