Reflection of hope ♡

I look around at the world I see today. It isn’t the same one. I remember when I was younger, thinking life was so sweet. I know I was obvious but I’d rather it be that way. Now everywhere I turn all I see is hate and destruction. I see people loosing their everything. I see families new on the streets. I see the evil inside of people. I see a burning passion of hate. I see the words of others kill souls. I see perverted eyes and hands. I see so much bad and evil in this world. But within that I see the hope. I see people being whole again. I see the poor becoming rich. I can see good people doing good things. I see the smiles and laughter. I see the love and forgiveness. This world has a way of consuming me. But what I once thought was a curse is now a blessing. Although this world is changing. And deep down I know that evil will never disappear. I know that hope will always remain. Because even when hope is so small it’s hard to kill. I know things will get better. I feel it. I feel my life finally starting. After being so lost I’ve been found once more. And it feels good to finally know my purpose.

From yours,


First off I am glad to see you see the hope. I have gone through a lot of the destruction of our world and those in my own life that tried to destroy me but today I still stand tall.

What is kind of funny is as I was reading this post the song Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri was playing. That song kind of made this hit in a wonderful way. We dont control others views only our own. Others do not have the right to take our joys and hope from the world that we are in. So keep this up. Keep seeing that no matter what happens life isnt the deep deep dark thing of evil but rather ways to see hope. See the light in the flapping of bird wings and the winds. Dont let others discourage you or rage you to a ground of sadness because deep down only you get to be that fighter. Keep that fighting up and supporting others.

Hold fast thank you for that reminder


If you haven’t listened to the Dark Skies album by Fit For a King, this theme runs through most of it. That’s the first thing I thought of when I read this post. Thanks for the encouraging words :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m very happy today, that you understand the beauty of being you. Peace.

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Why thank you lol and you’re very welcome.

I mean it’s been hard to say the least. It took me some time to get where I am today. But honestly there’s no one on this entire plant that I’d rather be than me. I know I’m not perfect. And I’m still a work in progress but I’ve come so far. And I’m very proud of myself for being so strong.


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