Regarding Grief


Grief is the price of love… this will stick with me.


When I feel a wave of grief coming over me - a grief made of the loss of someone-, the thing that helps me the most is indeed to remind myself that it is the manifestation of the love there was, and still is. When it’s about people that I miss, I try to remind myself that this pain is the other side of love. Loss is part of being attached to someone. I try to see my own grief as a privilege that I have. What were the odds of knowing the people I hold in my heart? Among so many other people, in particular circumstances of time and space, we have the chance to meet unique people who impact us and our life. Grieving them is the continuation of the love we hold.

Reading this quote has reminded me a short video I watched like 2 years ago. Just sharing it here as well.


For me, it’s become a convergence, grief for the loss, the intense love it validates and gratitude for such a priceless experience with that person. The pain has become an instrument of healing at depth for hidden wounds.

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There was an interview that said this better than I can, but grief also helps us understand the suffering of others and connect with others on a deeper level because grief is a shared experience. There is a quote from J.R.R. Tolkein that says “What punishments of God are not gifts?”, because through grief we learn to love more deeply even though we wish that the event that elicited our grief had never happened.

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For the gifts to be recognized, involves a choice to look for them. I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to convince people that such a choice exists.

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