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Rejected just for existing

Do you ever feel like people reject you for no good reason? Like, just you existing is enough for them to talk shit about you or to make fun of you?
I know I’m weird, quiet, and shy. I’m not cool or fun. And I guess I’m a little creepy because sometimes I just stand there not knowing what to say or I’m so quiet that people don’t realize I’m there and it’s like I went POOF and just appeared out of nowhere.
Do you ever feel like people are just tolerating your existence because they’re forced to share the same air as you? That people just tolerate you because you’re providing some sort of useful service and they can’t get rid of you?
Don’t you just hate it when people are nice to your face but you know damn well they don’t like you and don’t want you around?
Perhaps the obvious answer would be to stay away from these types of people, but what if you’re stuck in a job or a group or a relationship or some other sort of commitment and you just can’t pick up and leave?
And, as an adult, if you talk about how grown adults and even kids are teasing and mocking you, don’t you just hate that people are gonna call you a weakling and tell you to suck it up and handle your shit?
Lies really hurt. Rejection really hits hard sometimes. You know that it shouldn’t affect you, but it does. It feels like everyone is always going to treat you like this, so why even try. Why even try to do something you love if you know that people are just going to be two-faced assholes… Why even try to live if this is how most people are?
I know there have got to be good people out there. Why am I always surrounded by people who act like such dicks all the time? I do my best to stay out of everybody’s way. I’m not harassing anyone, I keep to myself so that I don’t bother anyone. But I’m nice to whoever tries to strike up a conversation. Even if the person I’m talking to seems fake somehow, I still try to be nice and understanding. Do they just hate me because I’m a pushover? I just don’t get it. What did I do that was so wrong?
I don’t understand people who are mean for the sake of being mean or judgmental. What must be going on in their lives for them to be so needlessly hurtful?
I know you can’t help everyone, I know that you can’t change people or their behavior just because you wish you could. But how can I keep this sort of rejection from getting to me? How can I stay numb to it, how can I stay indifferent? How can I stop caring about the rejection so that I don’t feel so unloved? How can I be around these people and still get through the time we have to share together?
If people don’t like me, I wish they’d just ignore me. I feel like I’m being rejected just for existing.

Hey friend,
I hear you. That’s hard. No one should have to feel unloved or talked down to. But, if I may point out, you are doing the right thing. You are showing kindness to everyone equally, talking to anyone who needs it and listening. Those are good things, good traits about yourself. Its easy to overlook the good in ourselves and believe the lies. It is easy to forget the good person that exists when people over look and stomp on that. I see you, friend. There is a better way and you are doing it. Sometimes people suck and we feel surrounded by it constantly. But, there are also really awesome, caring people out there and you are one of them. So thank you for posting and finding HeartSupport. This is a great community and I hope you find the love and feel the value that I see in you, here. Keep loving yourself and others, its worth it.


Hey. It’s weird but I actually understand how u feel. I can’t say or do nothing to make you feel better but I hope that it makes you feel a bit better knowing that there’s someone out there that actually knows how you feel

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