Rejection ain't all that bad II

Today I sat down and it dawned on me that we all choose who to love… I can not force someone to love me it is a difficult realization… Hack if someone “ugly” were to approach me now I would probably say no… I say “ugly” because I’ve been rejected so many times that I’ve lost definition of the word, because eyes seem to be attracted to the smallest things… I remember once liked a girl because of freckles, but that wasn’t the reason I liked her, what I mean is I was physically attracted to her uniqueness and not her body or her “beauty”. God works in mysterious ways, maybe this his will… Hack if girl number 6 would have said yes and she was my first girlfriend… Quite I think I would have cheated on her. Funny isn’t that it took around 9 rejections to start appreciating girls… or my definition of “beautiful” has changed completely. But I think realization has come a bit late 'cause I was too focused on getting “the one” I neglected my studies… I’m pretty sure I’m gonna fail


From: theladywho (Discord)

Hey there, I can appreciate if you are having a bit of a lightbulb moment on rejection/attraction. There’s so much to the human mind and relationships that can really make one take pause. I would recommend always being open in relationships on how you are feeling, as cheating is a betrayal of trust and ends up hurting both parties. Have you taken time to think about the things you appreciate in your relationships with those around you? Sometimes the “ugly” is just a piece of someone that gives them character. Maybe something to ponder on a quiet afternoon with a coffee? And THEN have a power study session!!!


From: Lisalovesfeathersandfur (Discord)

Hi, Thank you for your post, you have a lot on your mind don’t you? I have often thought that you dont get to choose who you love but maybe you do get to choose when you look for love and if you are having these thoughts and feelings perhaps now isnt your time? maybe concentrating on your studies and your future is a better plan for you at the moment as it is never to late to meet the person who you are meant to spend your life with. I think its something that will happen naturally for you if you try not to overthink it. and I wish you well…Much Love Lisa


hi @Hoffman ,

thank you for sharing your thoughts and emotions with us here on the support wall. i’m sorry for all the times you were rejected and hope that you are still able to know that love is out there for you as long as you manage expectations.

love comes with time, effort, and knowing that love is not perfect. i think for now, i hope you are able to focus on your studies and try spending time with yourself and learning to love all the things that make you amazing. building that self-confidence will help create a stronger relationship with others.

wishing you the best, my friend!