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Relapsed rofl

relapsed and cut myself again after 23 days. cool. lol. it felt good at least


Hey you lasted 23 days. Thats good :slightly_smiling_face:. Self harm is a nasty habbit. Its something that many people struggle with. Relapses happen and its nothing to be ashamed of. You fought bravely and one day it was just too much. You have lasted almost a month which really is something. I am proud of you :wink:. Now its time for the next battle. There is a section on HS discord called community resorces. There people share things that helped them battling several problems including self harm. Try to look and see if there is something that could help you in your fight. I am glad you are fighting echo. You are a fighter. I am wishing you a lot of strenght in this next battle that awaits you.


When you say it feels good, are you talking about a physical sensation or emotional release? Is it like an itch that needs to be scratched? Is it a heightened sense of aliveness? Does it serve as a distraction from other negative feelings? Does it fill an emotional need?

Don’t feel as though you have to answer the above. I just think how much we understand ourselves affects our decisions, and gives greater insight into what we need in order to be happy.

23 days brings you a lot closer to 24 days.

Should you think of it as a battle, or something you want to turn away from in favor of turning toward another method to experience release from the craving?

Some drugs encourage an emotional addiction. People get to feeling they can’t do without them, even though they’re not physically addictive.

The whole point is, humans can get emotionally attached to habits that aren’t good for them. SH is in that sense, like a drug. It’s a cup of tea, sweetened with honey and poison.

Again, congratulations on 23 days of freedom!

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I think 23 days is an amazing accomplishment. I can also imagine how the release of tension from not self harming felt good, especially in that moment, but it’s only temporary. It’s addictive in that sense, that’s why we keep going back for more and more, to experience that feeling of relief and whatever else it brings (temporarily).

This gives you an opportunity to start over, which is a gift in itself because you are still here to keep trying. Now you can aim to make it further than the time before! All we can do is compare ourselves to who we were in the past, a slip up does not define you or erase your previous progress. You got this, keep moving forward.


i want to relapse again. it’s killing me.

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