Relationship and feeling unloves

hey friend
I was talking to someone and i thought he was the one but he was younger than me and I was way too old for him. This weekend I was at my best friend’s party and everyone was having fun and i was till the end of the night where everyone was dancing and have fun there boyfriends or other friends. And I text this guy that I met at a church camp and we talk very little I told him I wish you were with me because of my friends there having fun and have there boyfriend and stuff. he said that he was different from camp and im, not very internet in what he into I told him that I just want to be loved by someone but I can’t let someone in. I can let god in my life but not someone because of my past life I have been so broken to have a relationship I know im ready for one but I can’t let anyone in my life. Thank you for whoever is listening to this.

Hey @Hannah_cruz :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for coming here and sharing!

That part at the end of parties is hard for me too. When people couple off and you don’t have someone yet it can bring up all sorts of feelings… But I want to tell you, just in case you need to hear it, that the people around you value you, and you deserve to be happy. No partner can be the source of your self-worth - you deserve love already, and anyone who you end up with should be someone who admires who you are, as you are.

I don’t know the particulars of your situation with this guy from church camp, but if you think you’re too old for him and he says that you don’t have the same interests, then maybe it’ll help to remind yourself: This is just one guy, and what he thinks of you doesn’t matter as much as what you think of yourself.

It’s hard to let people in, but it’s so worth working at slowly with people you trust. It does get easier, and you will get stronger.

Your life is your own, I hope I didn’t assume too much! :smile: Either way, have a wonderful day, and thank you again for sharing :heart:

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thank you the way i think about myself and my future i feel ashamed because i’m not with someone. i feel like that i’m ashamed to my mom because i’m not with someone and i hope that ill find someone.

Thanks for replying back :relaxed:

These things take time, remember! The world is crazy and unpredictable, you never know when something might change. Maybe we can help things along, but sometimes it just takes a while for us to find the right person.

But even so, I really believe that you don’t need anyone, and that you’re already special and worth being loved <3 Your mum has her own life to live, don’t worry about her. Maybe someone will come along, but love that comes from within will keep you going no matter what :slight_smile:

Honestly, I used to believe the saying “love comes when you least expect it,” to just be cheesy and untrue. But it’s honestly true! When you take time away from trying to find someone, you learn a lot about yourself, and when you become focused on yourself, that is when you will find someone out of the blue. You can’t search for it. Focus on yourself and live your life, and the right person will show up when you least expect it

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