Relationships are complicated

Hi, i been in a relationship for a year, but lately we discuss a lot. I’m so insecure and jealous, i’m afraid of losing him, i feel like i’m not good enought for him, he deserve more that i am.
He try to help me because i can’t get better, he get frustrated all the time, i think he’s tired of myself, i don’t know why he keep with me, i feel sad all the time, i just wanna sleep and cry all the time.
The coronavirus worry me because i can’t see my boyfriend and i have to wait until all this over, i feel like he’s using this excuse to not see me.
I hate this, maybe in one month or more i can see him again and get back my old life.
Relartionships are complicated to me, i don’t know what to do, i wanna die and i don’t wanna eat, my family force me to eat because i have to and i wake up in the afternoons and go back to sleep in the morning. I hate all this, i’m tired and it kills me not see my boyfriend, what if he don’t love me anymore?
What if he find somebody else in this?
What i have to do?
Help me, please.


Hi there!

At the end of the day, every relationship is difficult, romantic ones, friendship and etc. And in every relationship we will have some discuss or like that maybe because of a mistakes, different opinions or who knows.

For what I have read, I think that you could use this situation that we are living right now, for trying to calm down, start loving yourself and trying to not overthinking . I know that is isnt easy but rememeber that you to be well, comes first.

And when this situation get better, I think that maybe you need to talk to your boyfriend about what you are feeling or how you were feeling when you were in this situation. You know good relationship need to talk.

And remember if someone is with you and they are with you in your darker times, is because that person really cared about you and you deserve to be loved.

Remember we are human, not perfect. And people that loves us will stay with us, have faith in you and start seeing yourself like your bestfriend, because you deserve to be loved by yourself.

I am not an expert and I dont have so much life experience, but I really hope that you get better and love yourself and that your relationship would be better,:heavy_heart_exclamation:

Take care :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Hi, i’m glad to hear that. I think is just my mind playing tricks inside of me and i know that i don’t have to believe it.
Everyone say that my boyfriend love me and he never would do that, but i’m scared all the time.
My phychologyst tell me i have to be with me, but i don’t know how.
Thank you, for your wishes.
Have a great day. :heart:


Hey friend, I know things are hard right now. And corona is making everything that much more intense and difficult.

I’m sorry that you’re carrying around so much anxiety and worry about your relationship. Jealousy and insecurities can be dominate emotions. It’s important that we trust our significant others and loved ones when they say they love us. That we trust them when they say things are okay. Not to give into these negative emotions. They can be so consuming of our minds.

I think it’s important that you be gentle with yourself friend. When your emotions start to escalate try to find things that can help you calm down. So you’re not overly stressing what you can’t control right now and don’t fall down a tunnel of dark thoughts. Calm music, a game, a happy movie or a bath. And it’s important you eat because your body needs that food fuel for energy :heart:

I’m sorry you can’t see your boyfriend right now friend. It really sucks. But overly being jealous wont help. Try to talk to him about why you are jealous and why you are insecure. Try to trust him when he comforts you. Trust that he loves you and wants to be with you. If you can’t trust that, how can the relationship work? Trust your partner to be there for you and support you :heart: Support one another. We all need the support right now. Times are hard. Embrace each other.

Hey, it’s going to be okay. :heart:


Thank you so much, every little word means a lot to me. I have to stop following my bad thoughts and think in a way more positive, everyone say that i have to believe in him and trust him, he’s by my side because he chose me and he is in love with me, i’m afraid that the bad thoughts came back to my life, i don’t wanna lose him :frowning:


Hey, I’m glad that it could help. We all struggle sometimes with letting our thoughts over take us. But talking about it is a good start on trying to work through those negative and anxious thoughts <3 So good for you for being open.

Here is an exercise that may be worth doing that helps you face your negative/anxious thoughts and work on trying to face them

One day and one step at a time. Just know that you have our support.

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Wow what a amazing way to see all the bad scenarios inside of my head, is like a Hurricane.
Hope that all of this work and i hope that my experience inspire another people who is anxious or just fighting with a bad thoughts.
I have a dream and i wanna be a phsychologyst in a future and help people like me or worst.
Doesn’t matter how big or small is your fight, never stop fighting, always you are gonna find a way to go out to the surface.
I’m happy to see that all the information and find a cure for my insecurities.
Sending all the love lucky girl.
Hope you stay here little angel, i can see you helping another people, thank you.
The universe works in a amazing ways.

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