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Reoccurring thoughts and some time dreams

Lately I been thinking or dreaming of an ex girlfriend. I don’t know why we don’t talk much anymore almost never. But it’s becoming and every other day where She’ll just be on my mind. No matter what I’m doing to stay busy and positive. It works for the time being but as soon as I relax and enjoy my time she will pop up. I am really trying to stay strong but it’s hard. The worst part is that we broke up 2 years ago.


Hi @Dannyboy2122 - Welcome back, we’ve missed you!

That is really tough, I am so sorry. I have an ex that I was with for over a decade, and occasionally he pops into my mind and I know how distressing that is for me. When that happens for me, I try and confront the feelings so that they can resolve and my mind can move on. I hope you find a way to relax, and let the memories or feelings flow through and out. Hang in there :hrtlegolove: I’m sorry she is on your mind.

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Hey @Dannyboy2122

Thank you so much for coming on here and sharing your experiences. What you’re going through is tough, but make sure to give yourself grace as needed. It is ok to think about or even dream about your ex. It just sounds like some grief is popping up. Grief doesn’t just occur when someone dies. It pops up when there is a loss. And you lost a relationship. Now, I am sure you know this, but grief doesn’t follow a timeline. Just because you broke up two years ago, doesn’t mean there won’t be any leftover grief. It’s also worth mentioning that I don’t think you will experience this forever. Because COVID is sort of flipping the world on its head, I think it is normal to reflect on your losses.

I believe the human spirit is resilient and you will get through this. Keep asking for help when needed and if you don’t know where to turn, come back to HeartSupport. We are a community who loves and cares about you. We believe you are a valuable member in this community.

Stay strong. You got this.


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