Repeating my failures

I found this site while doing a simple Google search on “failure”. Well, I am not just a failure I am a repeat failure and I am tired.
The list is huge. The last thing I failed at was loosing my dream job. The money was great and the people were great. Yet, because of a stupid decision I lost my job. If I add that to the long list of repeated failures over the last 15 years, I look in the mirror with A sick feeling. Yes, I have and do battle with the thought of ending it all.
So much to say… help?

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We all fail. I am going through a divorce right now and failed at so many things that I wish I could change.

Talk to me. I’m here. I’m listening.

In the end we all are human, In all my life I had fail so many times that I cant count it anymore and Sadly I have repeat the same failures more than one time,but we are human not robot, nobody is perfect. We are always learning,failure and mistakes arent there for blaming ourselves, they exist because of those mistakes we learn and become better than before. Take care❤