Request for Pandemic Support

This damn pandemic has been going on for almost 2 full years now, and there’s no end in sight. They just told the world that there’s a new variant that people should be concerned about. Everyone who wants to get vaccinated is getting vaxxed, or getting their boosters for the original vaccines, and now they’re talking about creating a NEW vaccine specifically for this new variant. The way the experts are talking about this new variant, they are much less hopeful this time around because every one of us who does what they can to keep the virus at bay is doing all we can to stay alive, while the rest of the population of doubters and conspiracy nuts refuse to get vaccinated because of their freedumbs and mistrust of the govt. The experts have righteously lost their faith in humanity as a whole, and so have I. I’m scared to death for myself, my friends and my family. I have no idea what to do besides getting my booster and keeping masked when I go out. My girlfriend works in public and I’m scared for her being exposed especially since she works in a place that has TONS of international students, even with all the protections and protocols they have in place. My grandma died from covid before the vaccine existed, and my aunt’s stupid trumper boyfriend brought the disease into their home. I’m sick of this crazyness and I don’t want to have to go into lock down again. I don’t know what the hell to do!
Does anyone know of any online support groups for people who are afraid in this pandemic who have already been vaccinated and doing everything they can to keep safe? Please advise.


Hey @cmscalvert,

Does anyone know of any online support groups for people who are afraid in this pandemic who have already been vaccinated and doing everything they can to keep safe? Please advise.

I don’t know groups focused on this specifically, but what you’ve described sounds like some very valid fears (maybe anxiety too?) that many of us feel around here. So feel free to use this space as much as needed. That’s what we’re all about: supporting each other during rough times, no matter what our opinions are about the situation itself.

I live in Belgium, and the contaminations have gone crazy here, leading the hospitals to the same state (+ the accumulated exhaustion of health workers) they were at the same time last year. I am vaccinated too, and I have never stopped wearing masks/taking precautions when I go outside. I’m also part of the “vulnerable” people health-wise. Yet the whole situation and especially the lack of perspective makes me anxious too, and brings its share of hopelessness to me.

You are doing all that you can, friend. A lot of this situation goes beyond our own control and it can be distressing to face this reality. Our mind goes into many places and we ask ourselves “what if?”, fearing the worst. I think it’s absolutely understandable and profoundly human to feel how you feel. And I can tell that you are not alone for feeling that way. This new wave and the recent news are yet another wall on our face that we need time to process.

I would like to ask: how much do you check on the news? I’ve personally noticed how much the need to be aware of how things are going on is also distressing most of the time. There’s on one hand the need to be aware of it as it gives a fake sense of control, but it also really feeds our fears. There’s nothing pleasant in seeing almost everyday the pictures of people in intensive care, through news websites or TV channels.

For this reason, I would encourage you to be aware of the strict minimum, and if possible through governmental websites, and to just decrease your news consumption if you can. As individuals, there’s only so much that our mind and heart can proceed, especially when it’s about things happening at such a large scale.

It’s okay to shift your focus mostly on you, your life, and what you can do. There are, in the midst of this chaos, sources of beauty and grounding that we can keep embracing as much as possible, if we place our intention there. Whether it’s through little joys of everyday life, hobbies/personal interests, quality time with people we love, etc. Is there anything you love/are passionate about? Something that could be a needed crutch to you in times to come and give you a personal sense of progress/control?

Overall, please know that you are not alone. We are going through such weird and stressful times. But we are in this together. :heart:


As bad as it is here, I would think it might be better elsewhere, where people AREN’T under the influence of a departed ex-dictator. I’m sorry your country is troubled as well by the same personal sickness as the US. 75% fully-vaxxed is still better than 60% either way. I have vulnerable family too, and both my parents are over 65.
I hate the fact that none of this is within my control and I have to rely on the public shame, and personal guilt of others to get them to do the right thing. They act like they have no responsibility to the rest of the world, and they live their lives with reckless abandon. It infuriates me. It frustrates me. It makes me want to kill them myself, but I have no means of doing so.
I don’t watch the news on TV. The most I find out are tidbits I get from the google news feed, and those pandemic stories are sourced by releases from the CDC and WHO, not by Fucks News and other conservative news outlets. I don’t actively seek the news. I seek to find hope, and so far there is none. I feel like it’s only a matter of time until everyone dies from this, or the govts of the world round up everyone in the country themselves who is NOT vaxxed, vaccinate every last human person, and cause riots around the world because of their overstepping their boundaries by force.
I can’t decrease news consumption altogether then I will be ignorant again. I had to wake up in the past 13 years ever since the economy collapsed and I lost my job in the last 2000’s. I never want to go back to that. I have to remain vigilant, but there’s nothing I can do to fix this fucking world and it makes me not want to exist because I am so ineffectual. I want to hurt all the bad people and make them do what’s right, but I can’t, and that hurts me greatly. I can’t protect myself and my family any more than we are already trying to, and if that fails, then my existence is over, because If I live, I will have no one left. I’ve been suicidal since my teens, off and on. I barely hang on by a thread some days, even when I have therapy every week. I hurt just as much as anyone in my situation. I am scared and I just want to be able to know that I’m safe, and I can’t fucking do that anymore because of this. Someone should kill all the people responsible for this so that we don’t have to worry anymore and with all their false idols dead, they will have no choice but to do what is right.
I can’t do anything because I’m just a stupid tech support guy. I have no influence, no armies, no weapons, NOTHING! When I think about this shit, NOTHING matters!!! I can’t feel anything but anger, hatred, and pain when I hear that the pandemic is getting WORSE!!! All I see is EVIL! I WANT THEM ALL TO DIE SO THAT WE CAN BE FREE AGAIN!!! THERE IS NO FUCKING PROGRESS, ONLY FUCKING PAIN!!!

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I hear your anger, @cmscalvert. This whole situation feels very chaotic and has put so much pressure on everyone’s shoulders. I understand why this anger and very raw feelings are there. However, there really is a fine line to not cross when it’s about how to manage these emotions, and I don’t think that wishing the death of anyone would bring anything good. It’s not a matter of groups against others, even if it feels that way at times. The reality is that we are all affected by these events, no matter what. There can be disagreements between people - and it can be really healthy to have conversations about it. However, being divided and pointing fingers out at each other would be very damaging for everyone.

You know, people who protest or don’t get vaccinated also react in ways that are only human. A lot of it stems from fears, which I think we can certainly all relate to in such circumstances. No one was prepared for this situation. Who would have believed that we would be in this situation right now if someone had told us ten years ago? We were not equipped for that, both mentally and physically. It takes time to process, it takes time to make decisions, it takes time to be reassured, it takes time to identify what would be right or not. And from a purely philosophical/ethical standpoint, the answers are not that easy to find. I am personally vaccinated but I’m not 100% reassured with the fact it’s a new technology. The decision to get the vaccine was individual, because I wanted to prioritize the present rather than the future, as the emergency is happening right now. I agreed that it was more worth taking a risk with the vaccine and the possible perspective of a better future than nothing at all. It was about how I would feel, at the end of the day and while looking at myself in the mirror. I understand how and why the opposite could be absolutely meaningful for someone else though. We’re all different. We all hold different stories. We all have a different perception of health. We all have different abilities also when it’s about distinguishing valid sources of information and fake ones. We all have different family contexts. And so on. Making a decision is also the result of these specific contexts. It makes it more complex than it seems at first.

There is ony enemy: the virus. It would bring more chaos to the chaos if we don’t talk peacefully and acknowledge that we’re all on the same boat, that we are all connected to each other, even if people have different opinions and positions. I know it’s hard to not be frustrated when seeing some comparisons made between historical events and being vaccinated, or any other thing like that. I too believe that there are ways to express opinions and that some of them were absolutely inappropriate lately. I know it’s hard to not be frustrated when seeing people not wearing their masks outside and so on. There is healing and strength to find though, in the acknowledgment that trying to state a point peacefully can be more effective. In the midst of such stressful events, being at war with one another would be so damaging, especially because the tension can be felt everywhere. We’re all tired of this, no matter what our opinions are.

Your feelings are valid/make sense. However, I would like to ask you: do these thoughts serve you at the end of the day? Does it bring any peace to you or is it more likely to light you up and keep your anger at a certain level?

I’m aware that my questions could come accross as being judgmental, and I want to really insist on the fact that I hear you and respect your feelings. I just want for you to have the possibility to deal with these emotions in ways that are healthy and not consuming. In ways that are non harmful nor for you or anyone else.

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Thank you for responding. I appreciate your perspective. Thank you for telling me what steps you took and why.
There is a fine line between violent intentions and violent actions. As I have neither the tools, training, or means of enacting such pain on the enemies of science, all I can do is wish pain and death upon them for their resistance against the ONLY things that will help rid us of this plague.
History, science, and fact have placed the blame for the spread of this pandemic squarely on the shoulders of the US GOP and their tyrannical ex-president who made light of the virus, disregarded science, didn’t back any of the current pandemic fighting measures, took down all of the measures that were enacted by previous presidents to fight such a plague, OUT OF FUCKING SPITE against them, and radicalized his base to fight against science for the sake of their freedumbs and personal choice, taking NO FUCKING RESPONSIBILITY for ANYTHING!!!
DON’T FUCKING TELL ME THIS IS A BOTH SIDES ISSUE WHEN HISTORY HAS SHOWN WHOSE FUCKING FAULT IT IS, AND CONTINUES TO BE! Assholes around the world are taking the same tact in every fucking country because THAT ASSHOLE didn’t take responsibility when he should have, and that has doomed us all!!!
There is no peaceful way to tell an anti-science, pro-freedumb moron that getting vaccinated will help, because they have 10 different conspiracy theories with NO BASIS IN REALITY OR SCIENCE that they refuse to take their shots. The virus is NOT the only enemy. IGNORANCE and ignorant people, are the enemy as well, because they keep the virus out there and keep spreading it by not getting vaxxed and not wearing masks when they need to! There is no peaceful discussion when the person on the other end doesn’t believe in science. Even the vax-hesitant people are torn between the potential side-effects, and their take on personal responsibility. JUST LAST WEEK, I heard a gay black man at my dentists office say “I haven’t gotten the shot yet because why should what I do matter to someone else?” It took every ounce of strength I had that day not to yell at that asshole and tell him exactly why the fuck he should get vaccinated. I shut my fucking mouth, sat there 6-feet away with my mask on, waiting for my appointment while he got checked in. I wanted so bad to beat his ass into submission, but I didn’t. I hope that fucker learns quick an gets his fucking vaccine, ASAP!

No, nobody could have predicted THIS EXACT PROBLEM 10 years ago, but what DID happen 15 and 7 years ago respectively were protocols put in place to combat pandemics in the US, and the ASSHOLE 45 took them down out of spite against Obama. GWB, a former GOP prez, originated the protocols, and Obama made them STRONGER after the ebola breakout. Everything destroyed because of one man’s ego.

My thoughts serve no one. This is why when I think about this, and I can’t do anything, I’m am emotionally, mentally, and physically in pain BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO TO FEEL BETTER!!! Every day that this pandemic drags on, and new variants are created, is another pain in my life. It is fear for myself and my family and friends, that they’ll get sick and die, and that I’ll never be able to see them again, that I’ll never be able to spend time with them again, that I’ll never be able to go out and enjoy life with them again.
Yes, I chose fucking violence, but only because they chose it first. I know there’s all this bullshit talk about not sinking to their level, but all these fuckers understand is power and pain, and I want the power to give them pain until they fucking submit and get vaccinated so we can stop this disease in its tracks, once and for all!!! WHY IS THAT SO HARD FOR PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND??!?!

This is why I can’t fucking deal with life anymore. If I’m going to die, I want it to be of old age, or on my own terms, not because a bunch of irresponsible morons decided their freedumbs were more important than saving the world.

I’m in so much pain. This is reality. It’s right in front of my face every day, and I can’t fucking escape it. I don’t know what else to say. There is no solace for me. I wish I didn’t have to deal with this anymore. I’m so fucking tired and depressed because of this bullshit that I wish I never existed at all.
I’m sorry.

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ahh i know you posted this here for my support but if you wouldn’t mind, i’d like to give my view on why people aren’t getting vaccinated. me, personally, i don’t interact with people enough to where i need it but i also don’t want it just because it only lessens your symptoms. it doesn’t mean you can’t still get it or carry it and give it to other people. i also read that a lot of peoples arms were just going numb for a whole week…? i didn’t think that as normal and i don’t know why people would brush that off as normal. i have an old friend in australia as well who won’t get vaccinated because of it only lessening your symptoms and not preventing it. his mother has damaged lungs and is high risk and doesn’t want to risk him catching it and not knowing because he has the vaccine and then giving it to her one day and it being his fault for her dying so he’s just cautious. that being said, there are idiots who are saying it alters your dna and all that 5g stuff so i do agree with where you’re coming from. my father is unfortunately one of those people…… very sad… but i do understand your point, i’d just like you to see that not even who doesn’t get the vaccine is horrible lol. and trust me, i know about being scared to give it to people you’re close to as well. my mother passed in august from cancer but before that she was bedridden and on oxygen so we had to be extra careful not to give it to her. my grandparents are also very high risk as they have multiple health problems. i understand where you’re coming from is what i’m trying to say, just don’t let the anger at the people who actually are complete idiots overwhelm you, it sucks. and my DMs are always open if you need to talk more about it. not sure i’d be of much help though


I appreciate your reply. I can understand your perspective about the limited exposure risk vs getting vaccinated.
I have one friend in Florida who has MS, and she hasn’t gotten vaxxed, and neither has her son, but her elderly husband may have. She stays at home the majority of the time so she feels she is not in a place where she needs to get the vaccine since she doesn’t go out much. I still urge her to get vaccinated for safety sake.
I have a friend in Canada who only recently got past his hesitancy based on potential long term side effects. He’s now fully vaxxed. His wife is a nurse in a covid ward of the hospital, so she had to get vaxxed.
I have a friend back home in NJ who refused to get it for the same reasons, and the stupid ones too, despite the fact that his elderly mother, and his teenage daughter are both vaccinated.
I have an aunt in rural central PA who didn’t get vaxxed because she was hesitant of the side effects of the other meds she is on because she is a breast cancer survivor. After meeting with some specialists, she determined that she could get the shots, and now she’s fully vaxxed.
My father is immunocompromised, but when the opportunity to get his shots came up, he didn’t hesitate, because he knew that was the right course of action for him, to prevent him from being hospitalized or killed from this, especially after his mom (my grandma) died of covid pneumonia at age 99, before the vaccine was even available.
I’ve honestly never heard of a side effect of someone’s arm going numb and if that is a legit side effect, the incidence of such a thing is infinitesimally low compared to the benefits of not being hospitalized or killed by a preventable disease.
I hope you do get your shots someday soon, and keep yourself and your people safe by lowering your risk. I hope you continue to mask up when you’re around other people, to lower the spread of this plague.
I’m sorry, but I can’t fathom anyone at this stage in the pandemic not being safe or getting vaccinated. Scientifically, it just makes the most sense to me.

My anger is against those who started this mess, and those who willingly spread this disease with reckless disregard for other people. My anger is against the fact that this pandemic still exists at all. My frustration and fury are against anyone who willingly chooses their own personal “I shouldn’t have to do this” against “let me do what is right for myself AND my community AND my family.” I am angry because this continues to persist, because new variants are being found, and there is no true cure in sight. I don’t want to live in an endemic state where the next mutation will be the last one humanity sees before we all die. I don’t want to see that happen. If you can understand that, to the level I do, then maybe you’d be angry too.


Hello cmscalvert,

I can completely relate to your frustration at the lack of control and the fact that the decisions and behavior of other people during the pandemic has negatively affected others around them. However, as much as we may “lose faith in humidity”, have you seen any stories about some of the inspirational and postive behavior? Yo Yo Ma playing his cello in a free impromtu concert while awaiting his vaccine is a small example. While it doesn’t balance out all of the negativity, there are rays of light to be found. We will collectively get through this eventually, even though it has taken much longer than anyone would have liked.

I’m not trying to be judgmental, but I’d encourage you to list out some of the areas where we can find gratitude in this situation. For example, the ability to develop vaccines in such a short amount of time means that this pandemic will be far shorter than even compared to a few years ago. More advanced knowledge in vaccines means that the effectiveness rate far surpassed initial expectations. To my knowledge, there are still evaluations ongoing as to whether the current vaccines are also effective against the omicron variant, so if those results turn out favorably we may not have another overwhelmingly large spike in infections.

I do understand your pain in how the behavior of others has prolonged the pandemic. Based on breakthrough infections and the inequitable distribution of vaccines across the world, I think there are more people and factors to blame than the one U.S. president you cited, though I agree that the anti-science movement has a large role. It is understandable to want someone else to feel the pain they have caused you, but in the end the eye-for-an-eye mentality “causes the entire world to go blind.” Ultimately we are all humans, and there is value in trying to address the anti-science factions of society rather than wishing away their existence altogether. I know that addressing the long-term underlying causes is not a fast answer, and won’t be an immediate salve that we so desperately crave, but it is worthwhile because its benefits will extend far beyond our current pandemic.


Thanks for responding.
While there are positives in the overall process, science hasn’t gotten to a point where we can eliminate this without trying to convince or mandate the anti-vaxxers into compliance. I just want them to do what we all did, and get the shots so we can end this. They are the reason distribution of our supply hasn’t gone to other much needed places sooner.
From what the heads of the respective vaccine makers have said, everyone need to get a booster shot, and the current vaccines may not prevent the new variant’s effect overall. It will take all winter for them to get a NEW shot in place that helps with that variant, and by then another variant may emerge. The spanish flu took 4 years to get past. Estimates say that because of non-compliant people, this may take even longer.
I’m working on scheduling my booster during a time I can rest. I also just got out of the hospital for a digestive issue so I’m not sure when I’ll be well enough to do anything that would potentially attack my body.
I’m hoping that someday soon, people will finally take responsibility and get vaccinated, but I’m not holding my breath. There has to be another way to get them to do what’s right. Wishing them away is the only other thing I can do at this point. I don’t know what else to do beyond what I’ve already been doing…staying home, masking when I go out, not staying in public spaces for a long time.
I don’t know if there will ever be a way to address the underlying causes of the anti-science movement, ever. There are too many loud, ignorant followers and they, by definition, do not listen to reason.
I’m sorry that I don’t understand much of the good out there, or that I only see the negatives because that is what is presented to us. I don’t know what else to do.


I don’t know what else to do beyond what I’ve already been doing…staying home, masking when I go out, not staying in public spaces for a long time.

Is it fair to expect yourself to do more?

I understand the need for it, but this is really just an open question. I feel like, what something this pandemic really puts on our face in a violent way, is that there’s a point when it’s beyond what we can do as individuals. And it sucks to be forced to be at peace with this, with what we can’t do. You are doing everything you can do already, at your very own scale.

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I hear your frustration that this pandemic could have been over sooner, with fewer lives lost, had everyone gotten vaccinated as soon as possible. In that sense, what will transpire by definition will not be anywhere close to that ideal case. I know that these words don’t fix the situation, but historically speaking humankind does not have a very good record (to say the least) of achieving the ideal case of behavior. However, what gives us hope is that over time humans have improved, even when it takes a long time and occurs incrementally. An example would be the homicide rate; it is definitely still not at zero but it has achieved a universal decline across the world compared to earlier civilizations.

I wish the problem didn’t exist as well, but I can’t say that I wish these people away. The anti-science mindset, while I don’t support that, is not the only attribute that defines these individuals. These people may have strengths in other areas wherein the world would be deprived if these individuals ceased to exist. Aaron Rodgers has made some statements about the vaccine that are extremely disappointing to me, but I can’t say I wish he didn’t exist and the world never got to see his talents in football.

I guess I see potential in the demonstrated ability of humans to adapt, to change, to shift a mindset even when it takes awhile and seems hopelessly ingrained. If we are able to deprogram people from cults successfully then I think we should be able to find solutions for the anti-science and pseudoscience attitudes. I’m not saying it will be fast or we’ll see immediate change, but I don’t believe all is lost or that we are hopelessly stuck in a static state of us versus them.


Yes, historically speaking the worldwide murder rate has gone down, but is continuing to rise again because of inequities in many countries, most notably in the US, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. To say nothing of the pockets of murderous unrest happening in many other countries. The people in charge like it this way because it helps them profit somehow. The ignorant humans won’t listen to the smarter ones because THEY think they’re right, and bigger, and stronger. The ignorant ones are the ones that the powerful people push buttons on to keep in line and attack the rest of the world, thus slowing or halting progress.
The unfortunate side effect of willful ignorance during this pandemic is that many people who do the “hard jobs” around the US are either getting sick or dying, leaving holes where there used to be valuable positions. The future smart people aren’t all going to step up to drive big rigs to meet the demand of the supply chain left open because the truckers were all anti-vaxxers or retired, and the transport companies don’t exactly want to pay to hire new people. At this point, if anything I wish there were separate states where all the assholes, ignorants, anti-vaxxers lived until the pandemic went away, and they can live in their bubble, while the rest of us move on and get things back under control. Unfortunately that’s never going to happen, and we have to leave with these willfully stupid people, slowing our progress daily because they want their freedumbs, and because of their medieval beliefs on science and religion.

I don’t want to curl up and admit defeat when we’ve made some decent progress. There really isn’t much else anyone can do, short of rounding up unvaxxed people and giving them the shots they need, and now because it’s gone on so long, new variants are happening that could kill the whole human race, just because the dumbasses don’t believe in science. It’s extremely depressing and I don’t want to see my friends and family die because of the ignorance of others.

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I agree that it can definitely be discouraging to see areas of the world where it seems like we are taking a few steps backward. However, I’d argue that the long-term trend in topics like homicide rate is headed in the right direction, even though there are bumps and setbacks along the way.

It can be frustrating that the decisions of other people can have negative impacts and prolong the pandemic and the rest of us don’t have any direct control there. It can be tempting to wish that those people were isolated so that they cannot hurt other people through the collateral damage of their decisions, but our existence often requires us to interact with the whole spectrum of humanity, even those we would rather avoid if we could. However, there are still areas that we can exercise some measure of control. I am encouraged that some private enterprises, such as the performing arts center in my hometown, have decided to require vaccination cards and masks as a condition of entry. Measures such as these implement a filter that help keep a subpopulation safe while they engage in shared activities.

The supply chain is definitely going to face challenges as a result of the pandemic. The good news is that while smart people may not want to drive rigs, they may be part of the increasing trend for automation that has already displaced manual labor in manufacturing and other fields.

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There needs to be more direct control of the outcome of this pandemic, or it will never end.
Fuck the morons. Their choices should not affect the good people of this world who want to follow the rules and science and get through this god damn thing already.
ALL of my stress lately. ALL OF IT, is because of MORONS who want to do things that fuck with other people, just because of their outdated and misguided beliefs and comfort levels.
So what are we supposed to do in the meantime? JUST BEND OVER AND TAKE IT? FUCK THAT!
I’m tired of this shit! Who else is with me?

Edit: I want to apologize for how I vented last night. I’m just really upset and frustrated that I can’t enjoy life because these people exist and want to crush other peoples’ hopes and dreams.

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Your feelings are valid. We will see the endpoint of the pandemic eventually – even if covid becomes endemic like the flu. The 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic did not have the benefit of a vaccine and also had pockets of people that resisted wearing masks, but it eventually reached a point where normal existence could resume.

Although the individuals you mentioned undoubtedly played a large role in prolonging the pandemic, there are other factors that have contributed as well. Inequitable distribution of vaccines across the world also carries the risk of variants developing in undervaccinated countries. Between that and breakthrough infections, I can’t definitively say that the pandemic would be completely eradicated by now even if every elgible individual took the vaccine as soon as it was available to them. However, I certainly agree with you that we would be in an enormously better position if that were the case. .

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Had there been effective communication and cooperation, the pandemic would not have existed beyond March 2020. Sadly, as a collective society, the world is mentally ill. I continuously struggle to keep my inclination towards rage in check. Right now, I think of my rage towards these nut cases and conspiracy mongers, in much the same way as I would get pissed off if my car didn’t start. In other words, I rage against the circumstances, rather than individuals.

I really have no idea why so many people have started to treasure their ignorance. I think it has to do with fear of the unknown, and the desire to fit in to a cultural group. The surprising thing is that society has been okay with polio shots, measles, mumps and rubella shots, flu shots, and as a healthcare provider, I have received several others. My immune system is a bit nuts, so there is risk involved when I get vaccines, however, if there is a single chance in a thousand, that my vaccine keeps me from spreading any kind of flu or other disease, I will get the shot.

I don’t know what will happen in the future. At this point, I would be surprised if the virus ever goes away. I know that anger and judgment is not good for my heart. I know that the ignorant disease spreaders believe they are right about what they are doing. I learned a long time ago, you can’t fix stupid. My heart goes out to young people who are trying to make it in the world today. Many lawmakers support the ignorance because it will get them votes. Money also buys votes. Democracy is in trouble, both here and abroad. Misappropriation of funds prevent the vaccines from getting into the hands of those who most need it.

If an extraterrestrial being came to visit, I think I’d find myself embarrassed to be part of the human race. Still, as long as I’m here, I will find moments to be treasured, people to love, instances of beauty, times of peace and gratitude. I will share love and comfort as much as I can. In order to do that, I need the strength to reach out from my heart, and through the sadness. I don’t pray in a conventional way, but I interact with a sense of communion, with a Loving Consciousness that is the Source of the strength and love I need.

The US govt held off on sending vaccines to other needful countries because they wanted all the morons to get vaxxed and they refused. They held out hope too long, so they instituted the mandates, which are STILL being fought against, but at least now, millions more doses are being shipped out.

I’m aware of the systemic issues, but what can we do to fight back? The good people of the world would have to be out there, every day, literally battling the over-armed disease spreading idiots in the streets to get any semblance of freedom or peace. They would have to march to their city centers and to DC, the same way people did last summer when George Floyd was killed, without the insurrection at the capital. There would be a civil war, and this time, since the south has all the guns, they would win, which is just what they want. I don’t want that to happen, but I don’t know what else to do. I woke up over a decade ago, after I lost my job in the crash of 2008, and I’ve been awake ever since. I see the world’s negativity and systemic inequity. I see every bad thing that’s out there and have no idea how to stop it. It hurts me to my CORE that all of this evil overshadows my daily life, and has done so more than ever since 2016. I don’t know what to do, and that hurts so much, that I can barely ever find any happiness in this world that isn’t just a momentary distraction, instead of REAL HOPE.
I hope you can understand where I’m coming from and why I keep asking for a solution. No one has said anything new yet. I’m sorry.