Resilience, hope, and positivity


I came to this site for the very first time just this morning, overwhelmed by my own mental health and emotional struggles (that I can’t detail in this particular thread). But when I looked at the first page of this message board for the first time, I saw a stream of topics from people treading deep water in their own heads. People that remind me of myself, unable to realize how to make it. That wasn’t the support I was expecting, and instead now my heart reaches out for them. But one thing it also did also was remind me that a way to find relief from your own struggles, is to reach down and pull up others going through similar things, let them do the same for you, and come out stronger together. Let someone borrow what’s left of your dwindling strength, as they let you borrow theirs. Now you’re both twice as strong as you were before.

It seemed to me since before I learned about this site, that there’s a reason emotional health and HS is strongly connected with punk and hardcore bands, even going beyond Jake Luhrs. The people who associate with this music, even us here in all our exposed vulnerabilities, we are traditionally known to be rebels. We band together, as few as we might be, who cares, ignoring the odds, just STRONGLY convicted by our beliefs of what the truth is and reality should be, and push back against expectations of the wrong. Well the wrong in this case is our struggles. We’re going to be happy, we’re going to survive, against the odds, against the pain. because its what’s fair, and because it’s what were going to fight for.

At some point there will be someone reading this that isn’t sure how they’ve even made it through the last few days, and how they’re going to make another one. I’ll tell you how: You’re so much STRONGER than you ever imagined. You want know how I know? Because there are many others who, if they dealt with the complete GARBAGE that you just have, would be shriveled up and dried out already. But here you are, having navigated the mess around you today, and actively gathering the support to continue to fight on tomorrow. You’re not only incredible, your story is unique, and needs to be told. It will inspire someone else, and trust me, knowing what you have gone through has helped someone make it through their struggle, (who can then help another) will get you through more than a couple of days of treading pain.

So this message board was designed to be a parachute for those of us in free-fall to collapse. But it’s also right now only filled with all the horrible things that life has done to us, and I would like to make it a large safety net as well, to catch and display positive stories for people falling to grasp onto, before they hit the ground. If you’ve survived through a episode of clinical depression, if you have beat drug addiction, if you have overcome day of emotional distress brought on by UNFAIR life circumstances, even if you just share positive song lyrics that can soothe the heart of people going through destruction, please share your story. We are fighters. We will grow stronger together, and over come.

I love you all. You have made it. You will make it. And someone else in pain will make it because of you.

Please share your story or motivations here if you think it will help someone. Because it will even if you think it doesn’t. It will help me, if nobody else. <3


I’ll post my story soon. But for now, I want to start with a couple songs.
Music brings us together, and if there’s anything that I hold true, it’s that we’re all in this together.
I know some of you out there have a story to tell and hope will soon also contribute what you can as well.
<3 <3 <3

We won’t fall to our knees
We are the one true hope
So give me an answer:
Are you in, or you out ?

We all fall,
Crawl out of the fear you’re in
Don’t give up

Stand up
You have a voice to be heard
You’re worth more than words
So let your fire burn… out
Your flame will be lit again, when a candle is burned at both ends, (both ends) and there’s nothing left

They will learn of the passion and tragedy
That lies in wait, when they stand up,
(Stand up against the onslaught)
Nothing, could ever tear us apart

Our spirit is never ending
I’ll be the protection when you fall
Our spirit is never ending
So tell them it’s us, us against the world

Yeah, this catastrophe will serve to redeem our purpose
Do you believe they could never come between us?


Very well said my friend. <3

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Wow. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Those are some very thoughtful words. You are right, totally. It’s not easy to reach out, to be vulnerable with others, but together we’re stronger. :heart:

Please share your story or motivations here if you think it will help someone. Because it will even if you think it doesn’t. It will help me, if nobody else. <3

It’s gonna be a very small contribution, but I’ve been inspired by two of the following things recently.

One is an extract of lyrics from a song of Epica (“Storm the sorrow”), which has been resonating to me recently, as I’ve been struggling with some health issues for months:

“No heed for shadows on your way
That try to steal your laughter
Your light will drive them all away
Be confident.”

The second one is from a french poet, Victor Hugo, in a poem that describe what is essential to me. I can only translate it in approximative English - sorry:

“In your thoughts where everything is beautiful,
May nothing fall or move backwards.
Let love be your only beacon,
We’re enlightened by what is burning.”

Hold fast. :heart:

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Wow. This was powerful. And that’s exactly what HS, and more and more metalcore music, is all about.

I’m doing a biblical recovery program right now, and one insightful thing they pointed out is that when we suffer, we’re better able and even more willing to help those suffering around us. Suffering fosters empathy; someone who doesn’t know what that kind of pain is can’t relate and can’t care on the deep level that the people here care. It also feels good to help people going through similar experiences, so that you can turn your pain into something positive.

What I love about punk/hardcore/metal is that it isn’t quite as hopelessly sorrowful as Three Days Grace etc. The bands associated with HS acknowledge our pain, not just their own, but go on to talk about hope and light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve found it enormously uplifting.

Solid State Records and Fearless Records sign a lot of bands with these messages. My current favorite, a band I listen to almost every day, is Fit For a King. I was really looking forward to seeing them next week on their first headlining tour, but they rescheduled the show to a week I’m out of town :frowning:

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Thanks all for replying. I know it’s hard to be vulnerable enough to lay your issues out. I’m considering how to do it myself: (one of the things I’ve had to cope with with is social anxiety that’s made it really hard for me to make friends or just connect with people in general who don’t reach out first.)

Right now I’m only asking that this thread be a never ending wall of positivity. Whatever you might have to say that’s positive, anything, something you heard or thought of or remembered that got you through your day, as I said even a beautiful song, is plenty to share for now.

Anyway - I sorely miss this band. Got me through quite a few days where I wanted to move to Pluto.

Just know that
We are so fragile
And easily broken
But I’ll try my hardest
To put you back together
If you do the same for me

For now just sleep my sweet
Don’t worry about what tomorrow brings
So let’s pretend that we’re giants among common men
Because we’ve never been taller than our demons within


“Don’t worry about the world ending today. It’s already tomorrow in Australia.” --Charles Schulz