Richard's Tale - Levi The Poet x HeartSupport

This was captivating…


Beautiful, tender piece. A superb addition to Ren’s " Tales " - Fabulously crafted and presented / performed. So much empathy for the whole situation. :pray:

I’m Becky, and I’m an alcoholic. I relate. Keep coming back. Very powerful. You are helping people more than you know. Thank you for helping me get another day. :pray: :heart:

What an incredible piece of theatre. I was totally drawn in to Richard’s pain and longing to escape and, in some way, own the consequences of one moment, one decision, one inevitable outcome. You completely embodied the character of Richard and his tortured mind. This was cleverly written and beautifully articulated. :heart:

That was powerful. Big shoes to fill but you did it justice. Please can I ask that you link to Ren’s original in your video description too. :heart:

Well that was awesome. I actually felt sorry for Richard and now you ve created this life for him it makes me want to go and write a happy future for him :heart: great acting skills by the way :heart:

Holy fuck dude. Shakespeare revisited

Great stuff! Very moving, I love your performance. To further build on something that already exist and that people are familiar with is brilliant! Can’t wait to check out more from Levi! :star_struck::star_struck:

Wow, this was so powerful. Sobbing now :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart:

I’m literally bawling right now :sob:

Ren would love this, I hope he finds it. Lene/:denmark:

This was awesome bro, great addition to Jenny and screech, much love from :uk:

I keep coming back and watching this. It’s almost addictive how Levi puts so much emotion into his words. It hits home and something in my chest a little too hard but I keep coming back. I love it.

Fantastic creation! What a great continuation of the story.

This was an incredible addition to RENs masterpiece

:heart: Good Job!..


I think Ren needs to see this, this is incredible. He will love it. :heart: Maybe link him in the video description?

OMG! I dont know what to say. I’m in awe. This is masterful! I’m in tears. Thank you.