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@rickyxolson hey, I am just reaching out because I myself have had struggles, but medically I have been fed though this machine and i unfortunately have lost a lot of weight, I’ve had massive weight loss and issues for years now, since i was a child I was never able to gain any weight originally I haven’t been eating anything either, it was just always “nope, you have to stay on the formula” my parents are wonderful people and they were the ones that suggested to my health specialists that i should be on it, I’m just telling you how much this is overwhelming me, thanks for listening or reading this is you get this, btw… I’m a huge fan of MIW :slight_smile:


Hi Friend,
That does indeed sound like a huge struggle, it can’t be easy being fed through a machine and not being able to eat general everyday food like the people and friends you would have had around you, that would have had an effect on you for sure. I would like to think that you have had some help along the way from the medical team with how you have managed this mentally and not just physically?
I am so pleased that you have lovely caring parents that have always supported you and will continue to support you and please know that joining the forum here can also be another support for you if you would like it to be. We care about every person that writes on the HeartSupport Wall and continue to do so for as long as they require it., In case you have not heard it today, you are awesome and you are loved. Lisa. x


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Yeah - no wonder it is overwhelming you, it is this constant source of powerlessness. Feels like you can’t influence or control this thing that takes up so much space and concern in your life. Feels like things will never change, and you don’t like them the way they are, and that tension erodes your patience, your hope, your resolve to keep going. You feel raw with disappointment and frustration, and it never relents.

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hey thank you for being so brave in sharing your story with us. It sounds like an incredibly hard time mentally and physically. So glad you have a family who is supportive and loving and I hope that you find this community the same.

Hey Friend,

Going through what you are is tough, I’m sure. The incredible thing is, you have people in your corner making sure that you’re getting taken care of the best ways possible. MIW is a sick band, and I think that if you join the HeartSupport discord, you’ll find several others to enjoy some music with! I’d love to see you in one of the chats on there in the near future! Stay strong, I believe in you.