Right as i felt better

I really want to die. Doctor appointment on my LGPE date. Assignments slowly piling on and me failing more. My mom yelling at me for failing and even threatened me if I even thought about going to the only club I’ve ever been in. Crying so much more. Losing more friends until I’m down to 2. My friend even told me about subliminals and the first thing i thought of was “is there one for dying?”

And there was. Multiple, actually. I saved some since I knew deep inside that I wanted to die. Even if I didnt, I just got a subliminal that motivated me to be less fearful of it.Theres no point in being here. All it does as the time drags on is makes me feel worse. I might as well just drop dead. Everything else would be taken care of. My cat, the room i sleep in, everthing else. It’d all be taken care of without me fucking it up.


Hi @Dominion,

When things are piling up, when it feels like you have no control on what’s happening in your life, you can feel pretty exhausted and helpless… But our minds are not our best friends in those moments, as many lies and self fulfilling-prophecies may arise.

I’m sorry you’ve been thinking about taking your own life as a viable solution. Because it’s not. It’s not even a solution. I understand how difficult it could be to get your head out of it, to shift your current perspective for a healthier one, as everything may seem pointless. But you can do it. Does anyone in your relatives know about those thoughts? If not, I’d like to encourage you to do so and to push back those thoughts as much as possible. There’s no need to deal with this only by yourself. And I’d like for you to set some healthy boundaries to prevent those thoughts to get too overwhelming. :heart:

Keep us up to speed on what’s going on.
You’re existing. You matter. :heart:

The fact that you are on this Earth right now is enough proof that you CAN handle it. You are capable. It is hard and you might stumble and trip and fall but you are still here and THAT is that matters. Keep at it- f*cking things up is what makes life interesting sometimes…you learn from those mistakes and you make better decisions next time you are met with a similar situation. Dying is not the solution. Dying is NEVER the solution. I recommend trying to get a planner and maybe planning out some things you want to do, maybe go see a therapist, or even reach out to a teacher at school. Whatever you do just remember that there is a point in everything… it just takes some time to understand what it is. <3


Have you talked to the counseling center? I myself and others I know have contacted the school’s academic committee about mental health awareness in allowing students a free/grace period to take a break from the semester and return when ready. If you feel that’s what you need to do then commit to it. If you have any questions in the process I am here to further inform you.


What do you mean by counselling center?

There is a withdrawal and readmission center that every school has. Go to them as soon as you can and ask them about the process for a medical withdrawal. They will most likely ask for a medical reference from a doctor/therapist (very easy to get from whomever you are seeing).
Have your practitioner write a reference on your circumstance and why you are asking for a withdrawal. The withdrawal committee may also ask for you to fill out some paper work.
If you are not seeing anyone for medical help you may just have to write the committee a letter. They are usually very understanding and will most likely approve.


I don’t know what any of that means.

Go to the withdrawal and readmission center. You can ask one of your professors they should know where it is located on your campus.
Tell the center your situation.

I still dont understand but I’ll ask once i go back :confused:

What do you not understand? I will try to explain better if you tell me what you’re confused about.

I dont know what a withdrawl and readmission center is.

You can type it online with the name of your school on Google. That should show up. Then you can look at the campus map to find where it is located on your campus.
If that doesn’t work. Just ask any professor you have. They should know.

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Okay then. I’ll do that.

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is that only with colleges? I go to high school

The term “Withdrawal and Readmission” is used for colleges. For highschool there is a different term. Talk to your school’s guidance counselor and explain to him/her what’s going on. Don’t be afraid to explain how you exactly feel. You need help and deserve it (Don’t let your mom make you feel bad for asking for help…my family did unfortunately).
There are always resources out there for people in your position that significantly help. I know exactly what your going through and wish someone would have helped me when I was in your age and shoes. I will help you to the full extent of my capabilities. Do not be afraid to ask. I am here for you.