Rising above with God

Struggling with Alcoholism, drug addiction and bi- polar disorder isn’t easy and at times i do feel alone and misunderstood. Each day can be unknown and fear can begin to take over but there is always hope and strength does exist for all of us. My strength comes from God and can even come from music. I just want to encourage anyone who struggles with just breathing, with life, that we can and we will survive. We will reach happy destiny. We must challenge ourselves everyday to strive for peace. Relief can come in many forms such as being of service to others and or changing a bad behavior and using it as an asset. No one is hopeless and we all have a chance. There is a better way its called God. So, be strong, help others and never stop trying. I love you.- Sean-Michael


God is our best psychologist and he is also our loving father if we confess our sins to him he is faithful and true and he will forgive us as long as we have a sincere heart and renounce the sin all together. Sometimes we struggle with different things but as ling we overcome it we will have favor with God and he rewards us with obedience. Just do what you can to be a better person and know that there are people here that care about you with no judgement.


Thank you both for these wonderful thoughts! I absolutely agree wholeheartedly! We are all suffering and struggling and God knows that and He cares for us. He truly loves each and every one of us, struggles, addictions, mistakes and all. That’s the beauty of the cross that Jesus suffered on. He showed us unconditional love and true forgiveness. It’s amazing! I just hope everyone here who is going through an intense season of pain can find some relief, hope, and comfort in Him. Stay strong my friends! :slight_smile:

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