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I feel useless because of isolation of quarantine

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Hey friend, I totally understand that feeling! Quarantine is a really tough time for all of us these days, and feeling like you’re being productive is especially difficult when you can’t really go out and work, or hang out with friends etc.

This is a very common thing that people are feeling these days - so remember that it’s completely valid to feel the way you are, and that you’re not alone in this! But also, try to remind yourself that at the end of the day, you are not useless - you are worth so much more than you may feel right now and I promise you things will start to improve. It’s a scary time, and trust me I’ve been personally feeling the same way.

I encourage you to try and do little things for yourself to help you feel good about yourself, and to of course help with feeling more productive! Work out, try a new hobby, go for a walk, take the time to appreciate the little things you have these days amidst all the craziness. Much love <3

From: cheriechapstick_

I think its easy to feel useless in a time like this, the feeling of loneliness overwhelming and scary. This is new territory for everyone experiencing it right now and what you are feeling is valid. I’m happy to hear you are reaching out to your friends, you are loved, you are welcome, and you always have a place with us. Recently I’ve found that even something as simple as showering reminds me that i am taking care of myself, and my body and while it seems normal its a purpose. <3

From: punkyrainbows

I felt useless many times during quarantine. I spontaneously quit my job, I felt unsafe, and thankfully I live with my significant other so I didn’t quite feel as lonely. But it’s been nice to reconnect to old friends during this time. Even just reaching out and making sure they’re okay, usually they want to make sure you’re okay too. Try to plan some online game time with your friends, or a discord movie night! You are not alone!

From: alsikkan

for me if I’m ever feeling that way is to remember that things can and will change, and that whatever small actions I can do to keep myself positive will help me sustain through the hard times to reach that change. For me it’s going back to the things that give me joy, like learning about something I’ve always been interested in, watching and exploring films, or just creating something. There’s a lot of hope and satisfaction in all the things, no matter how small, that give us joy

I felt alone and useless because of this quarantine, I graduated university February 2020, got valedictorian and now currently searching for a job, got rejected and applied to like every where, today this morning I started to bake chocolate chip cookies and scones and I started to make my bed etc and just today I started to learn how to drive with my dad. I do what he said, he said rage!!! And I felt useless and hopeless. He said that I couldn’t pass the driving test