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Im a trans guy and my father terrifies me. He goes around the house like he rules over me and my family but tries to be funny with it. And I’m afraid he is going to do something if he finds out.

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From: ayydevv

Honestly, I feel for you man. I will never understand what its like to be in your situation. I would try to get out of that situation as soon as possible. whether it be getting a job and getting an apartment. just know youre not what he says about you and youre a beautiful human being.

Hey friend. That’s a very scary situation to be in, I’m sorry you have to live in constant fear of what may happen to you if he finds out. From what you’re saying and if I understand it seems like your dad is trans phobic. I’m not sure if any one else in your family knows that you are trans but I would recommend finding someone you feel safe talking about it to, and find someone who could help you get out of that situation as soon as possible if you are struggling to do so on your own. Much love <3

From: punkyrainbows

Thank you for coming forward. I can never understand what you’re going through being trans but I hope that one day you can open up to your father and he will love you for who you are. Sometimes just coming out can be an eye opener. If you’re truly fearful for your life then please look out for resources to help you get out of that situation. Know that we love you, we’re thankful you are here, and we support you.

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