Sad but staying positive

so i woke up the other morning wanting to end my life. i dont know why i been taking my meds going to therapy just woke up feeling that way. didnt make a plan i told some friends i played some games and i distracted myself. i still feel thiis way but i know talking about it and asking for help i can get through this. i have a lot of stressers happening right now on top of this and that doesnt help. my wife and i are doing in vertro to have a baby but her back is bothering her so might have to wait longer to do our transfer. i know it whats best better her be healthy so we can have a healthy baby. we had some plumbing needed to be fixed and that costed $3000 more then we thought. through this all i know i have friends and family both irl and online that i can turn to and tell them i am struggling and will help me get through this. I AM STRONGER THEN THESE THOUGHTS.

Yes! I love seeing words of truth and affirmation being spoken over yourself. Keep up the good work! You’re a warrior and we believe in you! :slight_smile:

Hello There!

There is a lot of darkness in this world, and we cant always fight it back. I think your post here is a shining example of how strong we all can be and all are. Thank you for sharing, sincerely.

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