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Sadly girl

Hi, it’s me again, i been feeling sad and anxious lately, i just want to cry and be alone, i don’t have anyone to talk to, but i’m glad that i’m seeing a terapist, she say that i’m vulnerable and that my boyfriend might be a narcisist man and i have to hide my feelings because he can take advantage and manipulate me, he was the only one who i can trust my feelings and now i feel like i have no one, is so hard to keep my feelings inside and no tell him that lately i’m not okay, i want to get better, but this feelings are killing me, i don’t feel right, i’m sad, i miss my grandfather who is in heaven and i can’t stop crying for every little thing that i see that is clear that reminds me of him.
And i’m worry because in a few days i’m going to another place for a month and i can’t see him, i’m afraid of everything, i want to recover, but my heart hurts and i want to hug him and tell him all the truth…



I’m sorry to read the news about your struggle. I just wanted to let you know you are important. God loves you. This community loves you. Keep fighting for joy in your life. Pray for peace. :pray:t5:

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That sounds incredibly hard. Going through that without a support whom you’ve found to be as important must be tough. It’s good that you have a therapist around to provide that support too and help you on the journey of working towards your boundaries and their further development.

Boundaries are one of the hardest things for us to structure so I praise you for your efforts in doing so. Stick to them - if he is truly a narcissist they will be even more important.

Have you tried speaking to him about the journey, in general terms that you are going through? ie. something like “I’m going through some therapy now and need sometime to myself. I appreciate that you are a support but I need some me time now,” or the like. Role-playing this with your therapist would be helpful before moving forward either either tele/in-person sessions so that you can be more planful of the situation.

Best of luck your journey. It seems that you know this already but the community is here for you. We do genuinely care and appreciate you being here to advocate for yourself as well as others.

Much love,


Thank you so much :sparkling_heart::two_hearts:
Wish u the best, hope you be okay. :comet:


Yeah, i just have this place where i can find a support all the days, because my friends are too busy to answer my messages and i can’t speak to my family members i can’t trust them. I just have to wait to see my terapist and talk to her…

And yes, thank you for your prayers :heart:
I don’t know, everything tell me that he might be, so he needs help, but my terapist told me, when you get better, you can told him this.

Well i talk to him a lot of times, but he doesn’t understand, he judge me, and he want me to change one day to another…
And he can’t take my valid arguments, so i have to keep all my emotions inside of me, but yesterday i was about to tell him, but i didn’t, i was afraid…

Thank you so much, yeah i meet this community and i love it, i can came here when i need support and that’s amazing.
Wish u the best, hope you be okay. :comet::tulip::sparkling_heart:

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