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Safety plan attempt (Thank you Micro)

Thank you to @Micro for suggesting this to me - it took a while to get through it, but here it is in all its glory.

HeartSupport Safety Plan

This is my 7-step plan to keep me safe in difficult moments I face. I’ve thought through these steps in advance to make it easier for myself to get help when I need it.

STEP 1 - Warning Signs

Signs that a crisis may be developing (thoughts, images, mood, situation, behavior).

  • Sign 1 - Loosing touch with reality/zoning out
  • Sign 2 - Getting anxious for no apparent reason
  • Sign 3 - Sensory overload at the slightest abnormality in environment

STEP 2 - Internal Coping Strategies

Things I can do to take my mind off problems without contacting another person (relaxation technique, physical activity, etc.)

  • Strategy 1 - Lying on the floor, focusing on physical feelings
  • Strategy 2 - Draw/write
  • Strategy 3 - Call a friend/boyfriend

STEP 3 - Worth Living For

Things that are most important to me and worth living for (these can be big or small, anything from loved ones to your morning coffee)

  • Live For 1 - My cactus that hasn’t died yet - somehow
  • Live For 2 - My boyfriend, who’s been with me every step of the way
  • Live For 3 - The progress I’m making with school/going to college
  • Live For 4 - Friends and family in the HS server
  • Live For 5 - Hope

STEP 4 - Supporters

People whom I can ASK FOR HELP (friends or family who you can call at anytime for support)

  • Supporter 1 - Boyfriend (Noah)
  • Supporter 2 - Hailey
  • Supporter 3 - Charlie (cousin)

STEP 5 - Professional Help

Professionals or agencies I can contact in a crisis

  • Heather - +33 6 6* ** ** **
  • Ambulance I guess? 15 or 18 -
  • Preferred Crisis Service (Choose one of the below)
    • (Text) Crisis Textline - text HOME to 741741

STEP 6 - Safe Environment

Things I can do to make the environment safe

  • Safety 1 - Remove all sharp objects - knives for example, from room before bedtime
  • Safety 2 - Keep window shut at night

STEP 7 - My Signature

By inputting my forum username below, I am committing to utilizing this safety plan in my next high intensity moment when I need support.



Hey @Nightingale thank you for making this. I hope this helps you when you are feeling overwhelmed. Also know that you can always come here if you need help.



I’m so proud of you and blessed to know you, friend. Thank you for taking that step, for commiting to use healthy strategies and to reach out in times of crisis. You deserve to be safe, to feel loved and cared for, especially during times of acute vulnerability.

This world is better with you in it. My world is better knowing you. :hrtlegolove: