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Same Cycle All The Time


I hate how I can be doing good for a couple days, but I know the good days won’t last long. I hate how I randomly get these depressive episodes and it sucks because it’s hard… Everyone is so used to this cycle and makes them not care because they probably think “oh well there she goes again”. I’m fighting on my own and I can’t do it.


Hey you are not alone. People like you also struggle with that to . I’ll be fine one day then another day I’ll be feeling like crap when something stirs the trigger. By the way your not fighting alone ; I will fight with you , we will fight with you . Each step of the way … @God_Is_Love


Also with this cycle @God_Is_Love , you gotta learn from your bad days to have your good days . Your strong enough to come out of this negative cycle . We want to see you get better . Please keep me updated .



I am in the same boat as you. Remember, we are more than conquerors. You will overcome your trials. This community and I are here with you and for you. So do God.